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Careers In Electrical Engineering

If you were very much inclined to your high school Physics class and technology interests you more than anything else, you might want to explore related disciplines, such as Electrical Engineering.

Once you graduate, you will most likely deal with computers, robots, cell phones, navigation systems, networks, wiring and lighting systems in houses and buildings. It is a useful discipline that brightens people’s lives–sometimes literally!

Here are the jobs waiting for you in Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineers

When you become an electrical engineer, you will be in charge of designing and developing electrical control systems. You’ll ensure that houses, schools,  offices, laboratories, and factories have safe and reliable power systems.

Computer Hardware Engineers

You can specialize in computer systems, too! This is often a career option for BS Computer Engineering and Sciences graduates. The good news is companies also accept BS Electrical Engineering graduates in their pool of computer hardware engineers.

If you dream of working for Microsoft in the future, or if parts of the computer such as processors, circuit boards, and memory devices excite you, you might want consider this profession. You’ll get to help users in troubleshooting their computers against viruses, malwares, and the blue screen of death!

Network Engineers

Ever wonder how television networks air their shows live? It’s their network engineers who do the job! They put together network equipment that will monitor and maintain the broadcast infrastructures of their company. On top of that, they also play a crucial role in establishing the security of their networks to protect them from hacking activities.

Today’s world is mostly dependent on electricity to produce products and services, hence, it is called the digital age.  Pursuing this career path can offer you exciting and profitable experiences that will surely help you grow!

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