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Debunking Myths in Finding Your True Passion

“You’ll know it as soon as you feel it” may not be always true.

Follow your dreams. Pursue your passion. Do what you love. You’ve all heard these phrases everywhere about slaying in whatever pursuit. Yet despite grinding hard in search for your OTP (aka one true passion), still the concept of it seems to be an elusive dream for many.

But does realizing your passion really happen in a snap? Does passion take its form in a specific field only? Here are some of the common myths about finding your true passion and how to deal with it.

Myth 1: Finding your true passion is a “eureka” moment.

When society says you need to discover your passion, many people spent most of their lives wandering and looking for it. Waiting for it to miraculously appear in front of them with a “That’s the One” sign.

The truth: Finding your true passion comes through the process of doing.

Identifying your life’s purpose or passion doesn’t just happen overnight. Rather, it is cultivated by engaging yourself in meaningful activities. The more you do a certain craft, the better you become at it and grow. The more you grow, the more you feel passionate about it and take it as a part of you—whether it’s a hobby, a career path, or an advocacy you wish to accomplish someday.

Myth 2: You have to be specific in what you’re really passionate about.

When you were young, you were told that you need to be exact in the path that you wish to take —be it in medicine, arts, or business. Believing that passion is equivalent to a specific field or strand in senior high.

The truth: Passion is not limited to one specific title only.

Pursuing what you’re passionate about does not always mean taking a strand that is related to it. And it’s not true that you have to stick to just one for the rest of your life! Sometimes, what your seven-year-old self dream before could be different from what you want to do now. You can be the best lawyer someday, but still be excellent in painting, poetry, or even theater. You can be passionate about baking and then move into graphic designing, and that’s okay.

Myth 3: Passion is such an extravagant thing.

Passion is so hard to find and it’s not called passion unless it’s a very notable thing. You have to be excellent at doing what you love, and you should make money out of your passion.

The truth: Passion can be quiet.

Finding your true passion doesn’t have to be such a daunting task, nor should your passion be pretty extravagant. Being passionate about something does not necessarily mean carving your name in history. Your passion can be as subtle as putting small candy wrappers in your pocket until you find a trash bin, just to help minimize waste. Or it can also be creating personalized greeting cards for your loved ones during holidays.

In the end, finding what your passion is should not make you feel so stressed nor should it limit you from actually achieving your full potentials. Just enjoy the process of exploring, learning from your wins and loses, and try new things that make you happy and fulfilled.

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