Discover Passion, Purpose, And People: 3 Nonprofits For Interns
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Discover Passion, Purpose, And People: 3 Nonprofits For Interns

Tbh a lot of students dismiss interning at NGOs because they tend to be unpaid. After all, unlike large, for-profit companies, they work with limited resources. But you’d be missing out: nonprofit internships could be a more rewarding experience because the organization focuses on helping the public. 

Get to the heart of the things that really matter—charity, art, politics, religion, education, and other causes. Imagine getting right in the middle of these life-changing experiences? There’s so much you can learn beyond the classroom, and an internship is the best way to get a glimpse of reality in the Philippines. Connect with people, nature, and organizations that will challenge you to look at life differently.

 Interested? Read on to see which NGO you should intern for: 

1. Gawad Kalinga

The aptly-named Gawad Kalinga means “to give care”, and the work they’ve done has transformed communities for the better. Large slum areas become colorful and peaceful villages with around 30 to 50 houses. They help out of school youth lead productive lives. And everyone in the community works hard to support each other through social entrepreneurship via home-grown products like Human Nature

What’s nice about interning with Gawad Kalinga? Through internship and research, you can help these communities thrive. Join the program with permission from your university advisor, apply your educational learnings directly with GK communities, and develop research materials and projects. How’s that for fulfilling work? 

Start your internship with Gawad Kalinga, shoot them an email at [email protected]

2. Haribon

Passionate about the environment? Take your fundraising skills to the next level by interning at Haribon, a nature conservation foundation. While the name Haribon was inspired by Haring Ibon or the Philippine Eagle, the organization does not limit itself to watching (endangered) birds. 

They also advocate for climate change, fight for forest policy issues, and set up marine sanctuaries. Keep posted because they usually look for research, HR, graphic design or video interns. Let your dream internship take flight (pun intended)! 

If you’re excited to help Mother Nature, contact the foundation at https://haribon.org.ph/get-involved/career-and-internship/

3. Bayan Academy

They say “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Well, you can help train people to be entrepreneurs, managers, or skilled workers through Bayan Academy. This NGO is a social development organization that offers educational training programs and services. 

Bayan Academy specializes in livelihood and skills training courses for development institutions, cooperatives, banks, educational institutions, and small enterprises. So what will be your role then? Well, you’re there to help workers to adapt to their working environment. This could mean organizing and attending events, writing an analysis of the learnings from the workshops, conducting, and transcribing interviews. Fun! 

If this sounds like it’s a match for you, send ‘em a line at http://bayanacademy.org/contact_us.php

Try these internships, and who knows? It might lead you to a cool career in a related field (check out these STEM careers with a heart!) While an internship at an NGO might not line your pockets, it’ll fill up your heart to the brim. And the world could use more compassionate young people like you. *finger hearts* 

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