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Job Hunting

Every Fresh Graduate’s Guide to Job Interviews

All your life, you’ve made your way through high school and college because you’ve nursed a dream of following a certain career. And anyone who went through this is sure that graduation will always be their end goal.

But now that you’ve finally pulled all the stops to reach that dream, there’s only one more hurdle left to conquer: landing your first job.

Of course, there’s more to a job application than crafting the perfect resume. The ultimate deciding factor, after all, lies in successfully “selling” yourself to your prospective employer. These are what we call job interviews, where you have to convince human resource managers, along with your future bosses, why you deserve the job.

It’s a challenging process, after all.

Whether you choose to rest or start working right after college, this guide is here to teach fresh graduates like you how to prepare for job interviews!

Preparing for the Interview:

Life Hacks to Help You Prepare

Want a general view of a job interview? This super quick meme-filled guide contains an overview of what you can do to make any job better in the long run.

Spicing Up Your Social Media Accounts While Job-Hunting

Catching your dream company with a well-decorated resume eye doesn’t necessarily mean you’re off the hook – knowing what to post and what not to include in your social media accounts can still make an impact on your entire job application process. So make sure that your social media accounts are still “clean” before AND after the job interview!

How to Write the Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired

Crafting the perfect cover letter will not only catch your employer’s attention but will also be some of the querries your interviewer will ask you about.

Ways to Reschedule Your Interview

Did you finally receive that call but didn’t realize you’ve scheduled something else on that day? Don’t panic – it’s not yet the end of the world! There are ways for you to reschedule that much-awaited interview without giving up the opportunity or offending your interviewer.

During the Interview:

Get Ready for The Interview of Your Life!

Questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What can you offer in this company?” aren’t just your typical everyday questions – these are some of the questions that your employers will ask, and how you answer them will affect your job application as a whole.

Here’s How You Should Answer Interview Questions

If you need to know how we can craft a solution to some of these questions, this creative guide will teach you how to answer those deceiving questions at the top of the hat!

Power Dressing For An Interview

Believe it or not, what you wear on the day of your interview plays a major factor in nabbing any job. First impressions, after all, are very important. So here’s a quick guide on what to do to spiff up your wardrobe on the big day.

Selling Yourself At A Job Interview

The challenge of any job interview is to convince your interviewers why they should hire you. But as long as you keep these tips in mind, you’re bound to create more impact on others in the process!

While Waiting for Interview Results:

What to Do While Waiting for Calls From Employers

The long wait can seem daunting at most, but you don’t have to check your phone for texts or missed calls every single day. There are plenty of things you can do while you’re still job-hunting and you don’t have to worry about them in-between.

4 Things to Do While Your Dream Company Isn’t Hiring

If you’re eyeing a certain company that isn’t opening its doors to employers yet, this guide is here to show you what you can do to pass the time instead!

How to NOT Take Job Rejections Personally

It’s not the end of the world if the company you wanted didn’t call you back! But if you’re still feeling slumped about not being chosen, this guide can teach you how to assess those feelings and help you carry on.

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