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High School Graduates: How To Find A Job In The Philippines

There are over 1 million Filipino youth who can’t find a job. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re one of them. And as far as you know, a college degree is your only ticket to a stable career. But you only finished high school, and it seems almost impossible to find a company that will hire you. You have good reason to feel all those worries; but we’re about to tell you how to overcome these obstacles and find a job!   

But first, why is it so hard for high school graduates to find a job?

In 2018, JobStreet.com surveyed 503 company representatives on their views about job applicants. The poll showed that 35% of employers are not willing to hire K to 12 graduates. The reason? Employers think high school graduates don’t have enough skills and work experience. What’s more, the Philippine Business for Education (PBED) said only 20 percent of 70 of the country’s leading companies are willing to hire senior high graduates.

But is there a way for a high school graduate to acquire the skills and experience that companies look foreven without a college degree? Definitely. And skills training is the solution.

How can skills training help you find a job?

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Organizations invest in training programs that help the youth find jobs; these training programs usually last for a few months.

In some cases, trainees learn skills in a school setting while getting practical work experience (think on-the-job training) in a company. And many people have improved their lives through such training programs.  

High school graduate Cecil Tamba enrolled in a free skills training program at the TESDA Women’s CenterShe took up welding and eventually passed the National Assessment, which led to a welding job in Japan; her work now pays her more than Php 70,000 per month! Cecil shared, “Sa pamamagitan ng aking kinikita sa abroad ay nakabili na kami ng bahay, lupa, at mga alagang hayop. Napag-aral ko na din ang aking mga kapatid sa eskwelahan.”

So if you’re wondering if a high school graduate can find a high-paying job, the answer is yes. With determination and the right training.

How can high school graduates enroll in a skills training program?

There are many programs that help high school graduates enhance their skills and increase their chances of getting hired. The first step is to know where to find these training programs.

Attend recruiting events where you can explore training opportunities.

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You can attend the YouthWorks PH recruitment drive to learn more about free skills training programs; the events will also provide workshops to help you become job-ready.  

If you are 1) 18-24 years old, 2) a grade 10 completer, and 3) not studying, working, or undergoing training, you can apply for a training program through YouthWorks PH’s recruiting events. The career caravans will take place all over the Philippines starting May 2019.     

What to expect from the YouthWorks PH recruitment drive:

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  • Listen to inspirational talks from former NEET (not in education, employment, or training) youth who have found successful careers. Get a glimpse of your possible future and learn practical wisdom on how to build your own career.
  • Learn effective and practical job-hunting tips such as resume-building and interview dos and don’ts.
  • Access common job application requirements like SSS, NBI clearance, and cedula through on-site mobile government services.
  • Apply for a skills training program. Become job-ready through classroom lectures and on-the-job training!

Your possible future after taking the work-based training program

Successful trainees get to earn a certificate and increase their chances of getting hired. Afterwards, you get to explore a world of opportunities in hospitality & tourism, manufacturing, energy, banking & finance, agriculture, and construction.  

Rest assured that there are loads of skills training opportunities to help you find work. Your growth will ultimately benefit companies who need your potential. That’s why skills training programs are a win-win situation for companies and trainees.  

Ready to find a job?

If you’re 18-24 years old, a high school graduate, and not studying, working, or undergoing training, you can find skills training opportunities at YouthWorks PH’s recruitment drives.   

Stay tuned to the YouthWorks PH Facebook page to find out when and where to expect the upcoming events. We’ll see you there!

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