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Hobbies You Can Turn Into Careers

If you’re lost in life and struggling with the question of what to do for the rest of your life, worry not! That’s normal. There’s plenty of time and exploring to do, and people don’t usually find their life purpose right away – if at all. There are plenty of fields you can choose from after graduating from college, but chances are you already have a hobby. And if you have a hobby, you might already be able to turn that into an actual career!

To get you started with some ideas, here are common hobbies that people have turned into careers.


Do you love slipping into different characters and making a living out of bringing stories to life? If you watch a lot of TV shows and movies, you already know you can be a professional actor! To develop this passion into potential stardom, practice your acting skills by joining theatre orgs or taking up a side hustle as a film extra.

Cooking / Baking

Do you love to cook? Or do you love baking fresh pastries for everyone? Why not become a chef or a baker? There’s always room in the world (and everyone’s tummies) for more pastries, so consider opening up your very own small bakery or even a restaurant!


Are you into sewing or knitting clothes? People nowadays also do crochets that you can use to create stuffed toys or embroider clothes that you can also sell. Or you can also share these skills by holding DIY workshops for hobbyists!


Everyone’s a dancer as a kid, but maybe you brought that passion up with you as grew older. Take it even further! Put your dancing hobbies to good use as a dance instructor, a dance teacher, a theater actor or even a fitness instructor. Spend time in your favorite dance or fitness studios and chat with the instructors to know how you can be like them.


Do you have a green thumb? Why not make a profit out of growing and selling all sorts of plants by putting up a plant store? That way, you can cultivate your love for fresh greeneries and attract fellow plant parents at the same time!


Guitar, piano, drums, singing. There’s no limit to the possibilities in taking up music as a career. If you already have the musical gene in your system, take up a music course and or sign up for gigs as a professional singer to help you take your passion to new heights!


Thanks to platforms like Instagram, there’s no better time to be a photography hobbyist. If you’re the type to compulsively take interesting photos of people, places and wildlife, then why not turn that hobby into a profession? Offer your services to your circle for free or for cheap until people start calling you up for higher-paying gigs.


Your time in the track meet or the swimming pool do not account for nothing. You can choose to be a coach or fitness instructor! If not, you can also choose to become a sports broadcaster or write about your own experiences as a sports columnist.

Visual art

We see your textbook doodles, and we know there’s more to it than mere boredom. Independent artists are gaining popularity nowadays, and demand for art professionals is growing everywhere. Knowing how to sketch, paint, and draw from early on can easily translate into graphic design or painting for a living.


Do you love pouring your heart out on your journal everyday after school? You can put your writing skills to good use by making your own blog! Or why not contribute some of your work to various sites that look for article contributions? That way, you can have your work published and continue on from there!

Finding your one true calling is always hard, but if you have a hobby that you enjoy, well, then that’s a great place to start.

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