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How To Be A Vlogger In 5 Easy Steps

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

“A vlogger,” says a Gen Z kid, probably.

There has never been a generation more vocal about self-expression and pursuing their passion than young people nowadays. (This claim is up for debate but we’ve got proof!

With the advent of social media and digital platforms, sharing your thoughts online is as easy as a Facebook post, an Instagram story, a tweet, or all of the above. For people who want to take their ideas to the next level, vlogging is the way to go! 

In simple words, vlogging is… well, a video blog. About anything under the sun. It’s totally up to the vlogger! Do you want to be one? As much as vlogging is a creative outlet, it also requires skills you need to learn. Don’t worry, though! These 5 easy steps can help you get started: 


Step #1: Decide on the type of content you want to create… and share on your feed.  

Content is everywhere. Just scroll through your social media feed, and there goes hundreds of new videos uploaded by your friend or your friend’s friend. The question is, which videos make people click, watch, and share? (If we were totally honest, we’d say puppies are the way to go.)

If you decide to start your own vlog, the first step is to identify which type of vlog you want to create. Mind you, there are tons of categories to choose from like travel, lifestyle, fashion, and food. As a student, you can even vlog about your life inside and outside the classroom. It’s all up to you! 

A good starting point is to list down things you love talking about. Think about your skills, interests, and advocacies you feel strongly about! 

Find your niche! These online classes can help:


Step #2: Write your content ideas, and make it personal. 

So you’ve decided which type of vlogger you want to be. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to brainstorm and put your awesome ideas into writing. Every vlog you enjoy binge-watching started from scratch, literally and figuratively. From one-liners to crazy ideas to full-blown stories waiting to be heard. It’s a whole creative process!

Write your vlog ideas with your niche in mind. This makes your vlog consistent and establishes you as an expert so your followers know what vlogs to expect from you. (Don’t get us wrong. You can try new things every now and then, but stay true to your one thing.)

Aside from keeping your vlogs consistent, make every effort to personalize your content. This could mean using a certain tone, language, visuals, and video editing styles across your vlogs that fit your brand persona. Get yourself a catchphrase or a signature move! 

P.S. Scripts should cover your talking points, visual shots you’ll need, and even the props to use if you’re feeling extra. This will come handy in step #3! 

Express yourself through writing. These online classes can help:


Step #3: Make your stories come alive when shooting and editing. 

When all is said and done, and the rough draft is revised (and revised again), you’re ready to do the actual vlogging! You know, seeing random people on the streets or in the mall talking to the camera and filming… everything.

While this part seems to be the most tedious and time-consuming, it’s also the most enjoyable one to do. So don’t stress yourself too much and be organized instead! Plan your shoot before the shoot. Refer to your script for all the details, and come up with your laundry list of things to do on the shoot.

Making a checklist doesn’t only keep you from forgetting important details to shoot, but it also makes video editing quicker. You’ll thank yourself later!

Create compelling and binge-worthy vlogs! These online classes can help:


Step #4 Go viral, and expand your vlog presence and reach!

It’s one thing to produce vlogs, and another to produce vlogs that reach thousands- if not millions- of online viewers. How do you make sure people are watching the vlogs you put up and keep watching until your last video? Well, digital marketing can help!

Thanks to the internet, reaching people from all across the globe with your vlog can be done through digital marketing. In simple terms, it’s marketing using digital technologies like the Internet and your favorite social media websites. (Which online platform do you usually spend most of your time?)

There are a lot of strategies to learn in digital marketing, but a good start would be knowing the profile of your target audience. What are they like?

Dig deeper into digital marketing! These online classes can help:


Step #5: Make your vlog journey fun by being organized.

When people hear about vlogging, the first thing that comes to mind would most probably be the fun stuff—shooting the video, experiencing new things, and going viral on the web. But what’s often looked over is the amount of effort (and stress) that comes with creating a single video. (This is where we appreciate the hard-working vloggers we follow.)

As you embark on this crazy fun adventure of vlogging, start it right and organized by learning project management skills. Especially if you’re still a student who has school responsibilities to prioritize! (read: studies come first.)

Learn the beauty of trackers, timetables, and goal-setting! This may not be the most exciting part of the process, but trust us when we say it’s what will keep you sane (and less stressed) after a long day of vlogging.

Master project management stat! These online classes can help:


Unleash the vlogger in you. Get your laptop ready, and enroll in one, or all, of these online classes so you can start creating content you love. We’re pretty sure the world is waiting for your first vlog, too!

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