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How To Write A Career Objective Employers Will Like   

So you’re a fresh graduate. All this resume-writing is new to you. You search for resume samples online and notice most of them have a “career objective.” You’re tempted to copy-paste one of these sample career objectives and maybe tweak it a bit to mention your own skills. 

The thing is, relying too much on templates can limit you from putting more thought into your resume. So we’re giving you simple and helpful principles to craft a career objective that stands out and highlights the reasons to hire you. Read on; you’ll be writing your resume with more confidence in no time!  

Know why a career objective is important  

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A career objective is a brief statement of your professional goals. Think of it as your elevator pitch that quickly tells an employer why they should hire you.

By understanding the purpose of a career objective, you’ll know how to write down details that will convince a company that you’re right for the job.

It’s best practice to talk about your professional goals in the context of the company you’re applying for; What do you want to achieve on the job and how will that benefit the company? 

Pro tip: Make sure your career objective is neither too narrow nor too broad. A broad professional goal shows a lack of direction; A narrow (i.e. too specific) professional goal could lessen your chances of fitting in other positions in the company, if you don’t get the job you originally applied for.   

Explain how the company fits into your career goals 

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First, get to know the company you’re applying for. From there, write a career objective that explains why the company aligns with your professional goals. Your intentions will help an employer gauge if you’ll be a valuable and reliable employee.   

Multimedia director, Rachel, shares how an applicant’s career objective affects her decision when hiring someone: 

“An applicant’s career objective plays a lot into what they can do for the team and how long they will stay. If the candidate didn’t put much thought into the application beyond ‘I want a job in this field,’ chances are once they’re hired and see how the job is like, they might realize it’s not what they wanted. 

I want to hire people who know what they want in their careers and what they’re going to get out of the job.”

Be intentional and genuine. If you sincerely feel that a company will help you achieve your career goals, make sure this interest comes across in your resume. 

Explain how your skills and experience can benefit the company

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Good: Specifying the job you want to pursue
Example: “To obtain an account manager position in an advertising company.” 

This type of career objective is straight to the point. However, it’s too specific. What if you don’t get the account manager position, but there are other roles in the company that fit your professional goals? Don’t miss out on these windows of opportunity. The trick is to write a more flexible career objective to keep yourself open to other positions in the company. 

Better: Mentioning your skills and what work you generally like to do
Example: “To apply my negotiation and persuasion skills to acquire and maintain clients” 

The example above is an effective way to keep your options open. Didn’t get the account manager job? No problem. Your recruiter could consider you for the business development manager positiona job that also fits your objective to apply your communication skills and to work with clients.  

Bonus tip from expert Arthur D. Rosenberg: Avoid saying “challenging” and “rewarding” in your career objective. These words focus on what you want than what you can give. Companies care more about the value you can offer to them. So be specific on what you can do for the company. 

A well-crafted career objective can benefit you and a potential employer. It’s your way of landing a job that fits your professional goals. At the same time, a clear career objective helps a company make sure they’re hiring the right person. 

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