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How To Write The Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired

Writing a cover letter is easy.

Writing a cover letter that would make the interviewer read your resumé is THE challenge.

If you’ve been looking for a job for quite some time now, you would know that a resumé and cover letter go hand in hand. While both documents aim to get you that ~precious~ interview, these two answer different questions that are important. And equally important for you to remember!

Writing your resumé should answer the “who”, while your cover letter should address the “why”. Think of it as a tag team! When you get this mindset right, you can start taking note of these important details to talk about in your letter! Ready?

Here are 5 Cs to remember when writing your cover letter:  


Contact information

A hiring manager knows exactly what a generic cover letter looks like (hint: for starters, it’s addressed to no one in particular), and that’s the last thing you want— generic. Take the time to find a contact person, an address, or better yet the hiring manager’s details. Include your contact information, too. You’d want them to easily give that phone call! *wink wink*  

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Nothing says you’re interested and dead serious more than a good understanding of the company and job you’re applying for. Bring your research skills to the table! Visit their website and study the job description, so you get the ~feels~ of your potential employer. This will help you write in their tone, language, and culture. #relate

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Let the interviewer know you’re the perfect fit for the job! While your resumé supposedly highlights your achievements already, take this opportunity to expand those bullets in few sentences. Pick three to five of the best ones, and articulate why your experiences are relevant and useful for the job. Remember, always focus on how they can benefit the company. Giving concrete examples, sometimes through figures, is a good boost too! Blow. them. Away.

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Like achievements, emphasize the qualities you have that match the job description. Are you assertive? Highly organized? Tell a story. Sometimes, the way you write your cover letter is a good reflection of the kind of worker you are. So make sure it reflects you just fine! Be confident, but not cocky. Be professional, but not overly formal. Write in a positive tone. And while you’re at it, why not showcase those super helpful soft skills you have?

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Call to action

A good cover letter isn’t just about selling yourself. Go back to your objective. It’s supposed to get you a job interview, champ! Be crystal clear about it in your letter that you are in it to win it a.k.a. get the job, and that you would appreciate an interview to discuss more about it in person. You got this!  

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Writing resumés and cover letters may be tiring and ~hassle~, but remember that interviewers just want to get the best of the best for the job (which you are!). So go ahead and give it your best shot! Remember these 5 Cs when you write your cover letter, and make it easier for them to see why you’ll need to get hired ASAP. You can thank us later!

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