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How To Write The Résumé That Will Get You Hired

30 seconds.

That’s the time it takes for TV commercials and movie trailers to convince you to buy a chocolate ice cream or rush to the cinema and catch the latest sci-fi blockbuster.

Interestingly, that’s also all the time it takes for interviewers to scan a résumé.

Writing your resumé is the first step in your job hunt. Think of it as an advertisement that’s meant to sell your skills and highlight your “best scenes” to potential employers. It may not get you hired (yet), but it will open doors to many interview opportunities.

Sadly, in an attempt to make the most impressive résumé, some- if not most- applicants commit common mistakes when prepping their profiles. Hopefully, these tips will help you write the perfect résumé that will get you hired ASAP:

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Keep résumé short but powerful

Interviewers receive hundreds of job applications in a day. The last thing you want is for them to look at your résumé and completely forget about you the minute they read another one. Make sure they remember you! All you have to do is NOT put them to sleep with your loooong résumé and create enough curiosity and highlights to leave them wanting more to get to know you.

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HR tip:

How long does your résumé have to be? One or two pages, that’s it. Anything longer than that, you can save up when you get the interview. So make sure your points are short and concise!


Don’t overshare

There are a lot of people who make the mistake of filling up their résumés with A TON of information that’s often unnecessary (read: don’t be one of them!!). Make every word count. Include information that can only boost your chances of getting hired. A good measure would be asking the question, “so what?”. So what if they read this information? Would it be of interest to them?

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These are five sections every résumé should have:

  • Profile
  • Accomplishments/ achievements
  • Skills
  • Educational background
  • Work experience

HR tip:

No need to volunteer information beyond what’s needed. Case in point, you can skip the reference part! Either employers would want to hear from specific people or they might not need it anyway. Simply put “reference available upon request”… or none at all.   


Make it relevant

Write your résumé in a way that would convince hiring managers that, amidst the competition, you’re the perfect fit for the position! What characteristics and skills you have that are needed for the job? What experiences do you have that are relevant to the position? In writing a résumé, there’s no “one size fits all” rule.

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HR tip:

Use information and vocabulary relevant to the industry you’re applying to. Writing buzzwords like inventories and receivables may strengthen your case for an Accounting job, but not for an IT-related position. Tailor-fit your résumé!


Involve other people

There’s no such thing as a lone ranger. When writing your résumé, let others proofread your work. Ask them for feedback! Get fresh eyes to review your résumé. It’s always a good idea to receive constructive criticism! After all, it’s your future job we’re talking about.

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HR tip:

Exchange résumés with your friends! See what’s in their work that can add value to yours. Besides, they can learn from you as much as you learn from them. Win-win!


Mind the details

You’re almost there! You already know what’s in a powerful résumé but one more important thing to remember is to make sure your résumé is not just good to read but also good to look at!

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Here are little things that can make your résumé look every inch a winner:

  • Make sure your layout is easy-to-read! You don’t want your interviewer to get lost reading your résumé.
  • Use variety of fonts (boldface, italics, bullets!) to emphasize important points.
  • Print your résumé using laser ink and high-quality paper. #excellence
  • Prepare a PDF copy of your résumé to avoid unwanted format changes!
  • Always print multiple copies of your résumé. You’ll never know how many you’ll need!


Getting a job interview isn’t easy, but a well-crafted résumé is a good step to increase your chances. Take note of these tips when writing your résumé. After all, you already have what it takes to get that job! You just have to make it crystal clear in writing. You got this!

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