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Interesting Careers In Mass Communication

Mass Communication is a four-year degree program that centers on the study of relaying information to the public through mass media. It is a vast course that introduces you to a variety of exciting fields such as television, radio, advertising, film, digital media, and newspapers.

Here are some careers in Mass Communication that you may want to explore:

TV/ Radio/ Film Production

cameraman filming a dancer

The practical experience you receive as a student will give you a head start in the world of production.

The common jobs in this field include director, cinematographer, producer, production assistant, video editor, scriptwriter, and the list goes on and on!

This is the way to go if you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of notable Broadcast Communication and Film graduates, such as Bam Alegre (GMA News Reporter), film directors Cathy Garcia-Molina (One More Chance) and Antoinette Jadaone (That Thing Called Tadhana), and commercial and film director Paul Soriano.


newspapers neatly compiled together, one newspaper is labelled "Business"

Journalists in the likes of Jessica Soho, Howie Severino, Atom Araullo, TJ Manotoc, and Karen Davila have become household names in the world of news reporting.

Whether you aspire to be in their shoes someday or work behind the scenes in telling stories and disseminating information, this field is for you! This course will train you to write news and feature stories.

Your possible roles range from news reporting, researching, interviewing, to writing different stories on newsworthy topics. Moreover, you could choose to work in television, radio, and print as a journalist, editor, writer, photojournalist or researcher in this field.  

Corporate Communications


three people having a business meeting at a long table

Mass Communication may focus a lot on broadcast media, but it is also a doorway into the business world. You could choose to work as a corporate communications specialist or manager for a big company.

As a Mass Comm graduate, you are expected to have good written and oral communication skills; These will come in handy when conceptualizing and developing corporate publications such as annual reports, newsletters, press releases, and presentations.


two men making a presentation on a huge flatscreen television in front of a group. nice framed photographs hang on the wall behind the presentors

Think you would do great in the business of convincing people to buy products and services? That’s what advertising is all about!

As a person who works in advertising, it will be your job to show people how a product could benefit and improve their lives. This requires lots of creativity and communication skills!  

You’ll have the opportunity to work on various media including TV and radio commercials, billboards, and even online video campaigns.

Whether you’re a creative or someone who is more business-minded, there’s a place for you in advertising.

If dealing with clients, drafting marketing plans, and writing creative briefs interest you, you could work in the accounts department. Meanwhile, you can work for the creatives department if you’re more interested in executing campaigns, designing print ads (for websites, magazines, newspapers, and billboards), and shooting TV commercials.

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