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Internship Application 101 for Students

Whether they’re required in school or not, internships are some of the best ways to get your hands dirty in the field you desire while gaining work experience during the process. They decorate every graduate’s resume and add some color to their arsenal, which makes for a great advantage to anyone who’s seeking more career opportunities right after senior high school or college.

Of course, while nabbing an internship is no walk in the park, performing well for a good grade or for possible employment opportunities will always be the challenging part.

So what can you do to convince them that you’re fit to join their internship team?

While searching:

Keep looking.

Truth be told, there are plenty of companies and organizations that either hold internship programs for students or need help in certain tasks, all of which you can do in exchange for school credit. If you still can’t find one, put your foot in the door and ask any company if they’re looking for extra hands to spare.

Take note of the time requirement.

Depending on the company, some internships might require you to work at least 25 to 300 hours. It also depends on what your school requires you to fill up, so best to make sure which number of hours you can clock in before you commit to this schedule!

Assess your skills.

Although there’s no doubt that you’ll get the exposure you’ll need in any internship, some of these programs will also require you to know a certain set of basic skills before they can let you pass. An internship in a computer company, for example, would require you to know how to code. Some also require that you come from a certain course on paper, though you can negotiate this if you really want to divert from your course!

Fix your resume.

Of course, you’ll want to update your resume while putting yourself out there! Keep in mind that you’ll have to tailor your resume based on the internship program that you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a marketing internship, for example, make sure that you get to highlight your marketing experience in the process!

While applying:

Commit to a time.

Time management is also very crucial in internship interviews, especially if you have an exam! If your prospective supervisor gives you a certain time, make sure to stick to those hours! To help you make it to your appointment on time, here’s one thing for you to keep in mind: be there at least an hour before your assigned schedule. Thirty minutes is already “on time”, and arriving at the given time slot is already considered late!

Wear corporate attire.

You may still be applying for an internship instead of an actual job, but good first impression always counts! Besides, dressing professionally also gives off an impression that you really are dedicated to do whatever task is given to you – after all, you can land a job opportunity if your supervisors really approve of you and your work ethic.

Take that exam seriously!

Just like any exam that you’ve taken in school, some internship applications might require you to accomplish something before they can let you into their program! From essays to exams, these will gage how you fare compared to other internship applicants, so research on the topic they’ve given you, answer as accurately as possible, and do your best!

Ace that interview.

This is where you convince your future internship supervisors what you’re capable of. Read up on the company you’re eyeing, dress well, and answer as much as you can. As mentioned above, internship requirements may not be as strict and you can show them. You may be a History major, for example, but you know how to do sales. Convince them how much you know the skill set they want from you.

While waiting:

Have patience.

Like job interviews, internship results take time. You’ll need a lot of patience in anything that involves waiting, and remember: impatience and horrible tempers are not welcome in any internship!

Follow up with the supervisor-in-charge.

Just like in a job interview, there’s nothing wrong with following up your prospective supervisor’s response. Wait for a week or so before you can follow up on their feedback; if they tell you that you got in, congrats! If not, don’t beat yourself too much – there are still a lot of internship programs out there that you can go for!

Most importantly, never forget to send a “thank you” response to the person you’re contacting, no matter what the outcome of your interview would be. That way, you wouldn’t have to burn bridges and who knows – they might remember you later on!

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