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Make A Difference With A Career In Global Health

Careers in the global health industry have been in-demand, given the need for a response to the many health issues society faces today. Global health careers vary from clinical to non-clinical careers such as policy development, health systems administration, research, as well as health care planning to name a few.

These careers not only involve working with hospitals but also working with the government, non-governmental organizations, non-profit sectors, and local health agencies. Get started with these four career examples!

Health Policy Analyst

Health policy analysts evaluate existing healthcare programs and policies. They gather statistical information to determine the effectivity of a certain program. Then they figure out or propose ways to improve said program. A health policy analyst usually works for either the government or non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

Public Health Attorney

To be a public health attorney, you must also obtain a law degree. Public health attorneys handle cases relating to healthcare. They usually work in the policy sector and interpret laws in public health. Public health attorneys may also represent healthcare organizations in court as well as aid these organizations in drafting policies.

NGO Director

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Director oversees the entire organization and ensures the overall follow-through of its mission and vision. Directors must ensure that the organization’s culture is honed as a team as they plan out fundraisers, programs, and other projects to aid their specific beneficiaries in need. NGO Directors assist disaster victims, support advocacy movements, and overall ensure that the ones who need help are receiving it. Examples of workplaces are WHO, Project Hope, and Doctors Without Borders.med

Clinical Research Assistant

Clinical research assistants work alongside institutions such as universities, hospitals, and laboratories to provide assistance in clinical trials. Critical thinking skills are a must. Collecting and analyzing data as well as evaluating results is a huge chunk of the work they do.

These are only some of the careers in the global health industry that have been in demand. In this day and age, we must learn how to apply our passions in the real world. We must strive to be able to contribute to our society whether as a policy analyst, attorney, NGO director, or a clinical research assistant. If every person in the world had the vision and mission of contributing good, the future won’t be such a scary thing after all!

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