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POP QUIZ! Which Type Of Student Intern Are You?

You will never know what work life feels like until you actually get hired and experience it yourself. Or so you thought.

Thanks to internships, you don’t have to wait until you earn your college degree to get the feel of your future work! As an intern, you’ll be able to apply what you learned in class to real-life work situations. (Hopefully, minus the stress that comes with it.) Not to mention, meeting possible workmates in the office! How cool is that?

Every internship experience is unique. While you can’t always “choose your battles” at work like who your boss is going to be, how your workmates will treat you, or what your tasks will be like, you can choose what type of intern you will be. And tbh, that makes all the difference! First, find out where you stand, so you know what skills and qualities you should work on to be the intern you want to be.

Take this quiz to find out which type of intern you are!

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