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Prepare For These 5 In-Demand Jobs With Online Certificate Courses

In today’s digitized age, pursuing your dream career is much easier with online education, which gives you access to thousands of credible online classes. Moreover, online learning provides you with the skills and credibility you need for today’s in-demand jobs. 

Aside from online degree courses that provide you with a diploma, there are also digestible short courses that come with certificates. These short courses will boost your credibility in the eyes of a potential employer.   

Here are 5 great careers you can enter with the help of certificate online courses:

1. Data Science

computer screen showing line graph

Do you love numbers and data? Interested in analyzing trends, making predictions, and finding data sweet spots?

If so, you might want to become a data scientist. This specialization course is a great way to get into data science. At the end of this course, you get to earn a certificate from John Hopkins University.

2. Healthcare

person wearing a lab gown while working on a laptop

Healthcare is one of the most in-demand career fields today. Learn how to deal with dementia patients, understand the development of metabolism in the 21st century, or learn more about infant nutrition. There are many online certificate courses for healthcare. Find the program that best fits you!

3. Entrepreneurship

hand writing on a piece of paper, other hand pressing on calculator

Do you have a great business idea? Do you want to learn how to build businesses?

This introductory specialization course by the University of Pennsylvania opens your eyes to the concepts of entrepreneurship. Hone your management skills, understand growth strategies, and get your hands dirty with finance and probability. This certificate course is for those of you who want to become business leaders.

4. Programming

monitor showing Java programming

If you enjoy the logic behind patterns, sequences, flowcharts, and the like, becoming a developer might be the right choice for you!

Developers are not simply technical software fanatics; They are creators of unique software solutions, building such things from the ground up. If you’re thinking of becoming a developer, check out these great online courses. Learn coding languages such as Raspberry Pi and Python, create your own adventure games, learn how to analyze complex data sets, and so much more!

5. Teacher Education

person holding pencil near laptop computer

In today’s classrooms, teachers not only instruct and guide students on how to read or solve problems on a textbook. In fact, educators also provide blended learning to their students. Beyond the blackboard, teachers now extend learning to the computer and mobile screen. This certificate course will equip you with the skills you need to teach online.

Making a positive change in your education-to-career journey is much easier than before, thanks to the amount of online courses available today.

Check out more online courses to help you on your journey towards a fulfilling career!