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Top 10 Internships to Prepare You for Your Dream Job

If you’re one of those students who have already discovered your OTP- in this case, one true passion- then you must have a dream job in mind! But with all the school madness going on around you– keeping up with course requirements, late nights for exam reviews, and sometimes even ditching HOHOL time with your barkada- how else can you improve your chances of landing a dream career?


Ever saw job a post that says, “Fresh graduates are welcome” followed by “Preferably with at least 1 year experience in this field”? Kind of confusing right? Believe it or not, internship programs can be your ticket out of the “lack of experience” island you’re in. Having the right on-the-job training experience can give you real-life experiences relevant to the career you are pursuing.

An internship is basically your gateway to the real, adult world of employment. It’s a way for you to get your feet wet and do tasks not normally assigned by teachers or experienced in org activities. More importantly, an internship will enable you to improve technical and soft skills related to your #dreamjob.

In today’s competitive labor market, employers are significantly relying on an applicant’s work history whether it’s from an actual job experience, an internship program, or volunteer work. Thus, applying for an internship could be the best course of action you can take.

Here are some of the top internship programs in the country worth checking out:

Unilever Leadership Internship Programme

Want to enhance your skills in business management? Learn from one of the world’s leading brands like Unilever. The company conducts the Unilever Business Week which is a 2-month business immersion where students have the chance to be a Univelever manager and be mentored by the country’s top business leaders and industry experts. The internship program starts in June but other openings may be open throughout the year.

Asia Society Philippines

Asia Society is an educational organization that promotes mutual understanding and partnership between different community leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States. The organization is open to all undergraduate students and young professionals who are interested in Business, Education, Policy, Leadership, and Arts and Culture. Under the 2-month internship program, students will have the opportunity to work on the following areas: Program Management, Software and Consulting Business Analysis, as well as Graphic Designing.

Dream P&G Internship

Multinational brand company Procter and Gamble offers students its flagship program, Dream P&G Internship. Accepted interns will undergo 2 months of training in one of P&G’s departments- Brand Management, Information Technology, Product Supply, Sales, Consumer and Market Knowledge, and Finance and Accounting. Aside from this, students who show promising skills will have a chance to participate in the Asia Internship Exchange and be sent to P&G Singapore for an all-expense paid internship.

Travel Designer Group Tourism Internship

Eyeing a career in the tourism industry? Experience a hands-on learning program with Travel Designer Group. Under this program, you will get exposed to different areas of tourism including travel arrangements, sales and service, and business planning. The internship is open to students who are currently taking up degrees in Business, Marketing, Tourism, or other related fields.


If you’re aiming to enhance your knowledge and skills in the tech industry, the International Business Machines Corporation or more popularly known as IBM lets students experience real-life work experience through its range of internship programs. Interns will not only get a chance to learn from different professionals and get a sense of IBM’s culture and values, but also get the opportunity to pursue their careers at IBM right after they graduate.

International Labor Organization

Do you want to expand your perspective about international relations? Are you passionate about promoting an equal and good working environment across all labor settings? If yes, the International Labor Organization invites students to a 6-month paid internship program. Interns will be exposed to various tasks like liaising with different agencies as well as data gathering and interpretation.


Multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems offers 6-12 months of hands-on training to students currently taking up degrees in Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, or any related technical field. Students who will be accepted to the internship program will gain valuable knowledge and experience from various Cisco solutions. Through Cisco’s in-depth training and mentorship, interns will be able to earn skills relevant to their industry-leading certifications. They are expected to receive CCNA by the end of the program.

Star Internship Program 2019: Information Technology Track

ABS-CBN Corporation offers Student Training for Accelerated Readiness Program (STAR), a paid internship that trains students with relevant skills in Information Technology. STAR interns will have the opportunity to participate in various projects and immerse in areas such as Web Development, Mobile Application, Game Development, and Business Analysis. Students currently taking up Mathematics, Computer Science, Multimedia, Industrial Engineering, Architecture, or related courses are welcome to apply for the program.

National Youth Commission

As part of its goal of assisting the youth, National Youth Commission is conducting the Government Internship Program (GIP). NYC coordinates with other government agencies and private companies to hire out-of-school, unemployed youth as interns. GIP interns will not only have the chance to gain valuable experience from different corporations, but also receive a monthly stipend that is 75% of the minimum wage.

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