Top 5 Careers For Fitness Lovers And Sports Enthusiasts
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Top 5 Careers For Fitness Lovers And Sports Enthusiasts

Believe it or not, your #WOTD (Workout Of The Day) and gym selfies could unlock an awesome career for you in the future. If your hobbies consist of working out, eating healthy, and maintaining an active lifestyle, then launching a career as a fitness guru or a sports coach would be a great idea.

Pursuing an active job means physical activities become a part of your everyday routine. Spoiler alert: It’s not just about showing off your killer abs and toned muscles! Your job requires training (lots of it) and pure hard work. Your physical strength will take you far, but you need to toughen up your mind, too.

Are you ready to work this out? Check out these five careers in the world of sports and fitness that will get your body and spirits pumped up!

Fitness Trainer

Calling all the fitness buffs in the house! There’s no need to schedule a trip to the gym in between office hours. You can actually work now inside the gym or a sports facility all day. Your job as a fitness trainer is to stay in shape and guide your clients throughout their wellness journey. 

From time to time, you will also find yourself giving healthy and inspirational advice to a buncha people. Woah, finding your passion and purpose in your job? That’s a dream job we’re talking about. Doing burpees will be a little less tiring for sure!

Physical Therapist

Have you ever watched your favorite basketball player gets injured in a game? Sad moment, right? But thanks to physical therapists, people can recover from illness and injury. As a physical therapist, you will design a treatment for your patients through the use of physical exercises like stretching and massage therapies. This way, you will help them regain their strength and abilities to be back in the game.


Here’s food for thought: You are what you eat. Your body is a temple so you might as well take good care of it. We know that exercise plays a big part in achieving a fit and healthy body, but so is your diet. 

If you love to search for healthy restaurants popping around the metro, then it’s a sign. You could be a nutritionist! Once you become a licensed nutritionist, your job will be about treating patients through the food they eat. You can also work at gyms to guide athletes in maintaining a balanced diet. 

Sports Coach

There is a high demand for sports coaches wherever you go. From wellness centers, professional sports teams, to colleges and universities, you will never run out of job opportunities. If you have a degree in sports science or sports management, you’re good to go, Coach! But if you also play sports like tennis, football or basketball, no one’s stopping you from joining the team either.

The best part of having a coaching career is being a mentor to students and athletes and see them achieve their greatest potential. For them, you’re the true fitspiration!

Professional Athlete

Better yet, as we stated above, you can build a professional career as an athlete. Pick a sport that you’re most passionate about. Well, Stephen Curry played football and baseball before he entered the court to play basketball. You can explore other different sports as well to test the best of your abilities! 

Unlike a typical nine-to-five job in the office, an athlete usually endures intense training all day. Or a year! With steady focus and dedication, you will surely make it to the podium finish.

Mind-body balance is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Rolling your interest in healthy living and physical activities into a career would definitely help you look after yourself and other people. Talk about a win-win situation!

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