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We Asked Our Audience: Passion Or Practicality?

Starting your own career after college, you most probably encountered phrases such as “Do what you love” or “Pursue your passion” if you want to be successful in life.

Inspired and motivated, you take all your art tools, ready to color the town. Or sit with your laptop and start the making of your long-dreamed novel. Yet, as you proceed to job-hunting, you start to hear complaints from society such as “You’ll never earn enough money with your paintings.” Or witness scenarios like people leaving their profitable jobs. For what reason? They’re “not happy” with what they’re doing.

On our recent Instagram poll, 28 out of 43 respondents said they’d rather choose a job they are passionate about. So why do more people would prefer to do what they love rather than have a high-paying job? Does following your passion mean you have to try hard to make ends meet every day? Will you be unsatisfied if you choose a high-paying job that you’re not passionate about?

We asked people from different careers and here are some of their answers:

Know what you value.

“It’s a matter of what ‘value’ means to you. I believe that the highest currency of my life is always the value I’m able to add to it and to others which is why I’d rather spend my life on something I believe in than work a high-paying job where I do the same thing everyday and call it a “life.” – Zara Carbonell, Content Writer/ Co-Founder of Dear Self Org.

Maintain the balance.

“To be honest, I’d choose a high-paying job that I’m semi-passionate about. So it can fund my passions on the side, which I am in total control of.”- Degs De Guia, Content Specialist / Musician

Consider your long term goals.

“It’s relatively easier to look for ways to have money. But building your career is something that’s not easy. If I want to build something that’s gonna last, it has to be something I’m passionate about.” – Vera Ayo, Database Specialist / Aspiring ballet dancer

Consider your growth.

“I realized after a past experience that working for a job only because it pays well isn’t as worth it, for me. From how I see it, I can earn money anywhere but what really matters is what kind of person this job makes of me. In the end, I ask myself, am I happy? Am I growing as an artist? Did this experience make me a better person?” – Bea Villanueva, Multimedia Specialist

Assess your situation.

“I think probably one of the main factors on deciding whether to pursue passion or practicality would be one’s financial security. Unfortunately, it would be very hard to pursue passion over money if it’s a struggle to keep our finances afloat. The sad truth is that privilege plays a huge part in our decision-making. Pursuing your passion would be a great piece of advice for some people, but not for everyone. I’m lucky to be born with good opportunities, and I chose to use this privilege for good… My advice for young people like me – Check your privilege, use it to support people who aren’t as lucky, and work for a career that needs you the most.” – Patricia Matias, Impact Partnerships Manager / Educator

So what can we learn from these people? There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to determining which road lead to a successful career path. However, it would help you to examine first your preferences. Be conscious of the trade-offs that go with your decisions.

Ask yourself, “ What do I love doing?”

“Would I feel better or worse if I have to make my own living out of this passion?”

“What do I work for?”

“Is it to have enough fund to be able to do the things I love? Or simply because it is what I love doing?”

Whatever your answer is, just remember to be at peace with yourself. You don’t have to always choose one thing over the other. But you must always be honest with yourself and what you want.

Whatever your decision is, make it a conscious choice. There are many myths that surround the idea of finding your true passion. But the truth is, pursuing what you love should not make you feel so stressed. It should not hinder you from actually reaching your full potential. It’s a lifelong process of exploring. And it is something you will be thinking and rethinking over time.

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