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What to Do While Waiting for Calls from Employers

So after you’ve finally submitted dozens of resumes and attended multiple interviews in a month, there’s always that little hurdle that wouldn’t stop haunting you: the wait.

Waiting for calls or texts from prospective employers can take either weeks or months. If you’re lucky, they’ll call you back after a few days. Or sometimes they won’t grace you with that phone call at all.

So what should you do to tone down those stress levels while waiting in the meantime?

Time your response properly.

If you want to be sure about your hiring manager’s response, follow up after one or two weeks. Ask for feedback if it’s really bothering you, but make sure not to demand – you wouldn’t want to look too desperate!


While waiting for that job opportunity, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone by socializing with other people! Why not volunteer for a non-profit organization in the meantime? Or attend events that attract like-minded individuals who are interested in a cause you’re very passionate about. That way, you might be able to build connections that can lead you to your next job opportunity, in case the one you’re applying for doesn’t push through.

Start a passion project.

To keep yourself preoccupied in the meantime, why not start that project you’ve been wanting to finish? Say, why not invent a new app or start a business venture at the side? Who knows – that can spark a lot of new ideas and more opportunities for you to explore!

Read a good book.

There’s nothing like reading a good book that you can get lost in to control those anxiety levels. Why not delve into fiction books that can help you reignite your imagination? Or find an empowering non-fiction book that can show you the world from other people’s perspectives?


Don’t beat yourself too hard! If the wait isn’t helping you out, never downplay a good night’s rest! Anything can happen in the meantime, so it’s wise to stay productive, but never forego a good amount of rest to calm you down or even prep you for when the next chapter of your life finally begins!

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