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What’s Next After College: Corporate Ladder Isn’t the Only Path

Go to college and graduate. Have a nice job and be promoted. Buy your own house and car. And lastly, get a family. When you were a child, this is what the society dictates towards a successful life. But after spending years in college and finally getting your degree, you ask, “Is a linear path the only way to a meaningful career?”

Wanna know the answer? NO, it isn’t. Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t your only career options after college.

If you still don’t know what to do after college, here are some of the routes that you can try aside from venturing into the corporate scene.

Start your own business

Having a stable source of income doesn’t always require a job. If you are struggling to find a job or don’t see yourself working for a company yet, why not start your own business instead? Perhaps you have that inner entrepreneurial talent in you that’s yet to shine. Who knows, your dream business could be the next million-peso idea!

Invest in your passion

Are you passionate about creative writing? Do you love baking? Interested in learning graphic design? After graduating from college, you can actually take your time to invest in your passion. Enroll in a baking class, read tutorials in graphic designing, or enroll in creative writing courses online. In fact, you can also turn these interests into a profitable business or job in the future.

Try volunteering

Another way to spend your wisely is by volunteering. It may not bring you income, but it can contribute greatly to building your skills. Aside from supporting your advocacy and impacting the lives of others, increasing your network is another benefit you can get from volunteering. Connecting with the right people then can help you open bigger opportunities, receive good pieces of career advice, referrals, or even raising your profile.

Take freelance jobs

Having a gap year after college doesn’t really have to put a hole in your resume especially if you have plans of joining a company in the future. Taking freelance jobs related to your career or passion can still provide a boost to your profile.

And since you gotta start paying for your own bills now (ouch, reality bites), freelancing opens you promising opportunities into the gig community. Taking a few side-hustles every now and then can surely help you get your bills paid while still figuring out your future steps.

Continue your education

Taking a continuing-education class can help you develop skills that are relevant to your dream career path. Aside from this, you can also learn different fields other than what you majored in college. For example, if you took IT in college but now want to start your own business, then pursuing diploma courses in business development or marketing can help you reach your goals.

No matter what your plans are after college, reaching for your goal won’t be impossible if you have the right strategy.

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