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5 Non-Negotiable Upskills For Future-Ready Bosses

Scroll through job openings nowadays, and you’ll find jobs that didn’t even exist five or ten years ago. (Ask your parents about it!)

The world is fast-changing, and so is the workforce. From data analysts, field technicians to software developers (not to mention, your favorite vloggers!), the rapid development of modern technology has opened a world wide web of jobs that, in a way, even college degrees take time and effort to keep up with.

Trust us when we say teams will be as diverse as the jobs out there, and there’s no better way to lead one than embracing learning as key to your professional development. After all, that’s what future-ready bosses like you do!

Step up your A-game and stay updated with industry standards (read: keep your job, that is) by mastering the art of upskilling. In basic terms, upskilling simply means learning new skills that lead to better productivity at work. And mind you, it’s constantly changing! Be future-proof with skills that’ll help you thrive in the workplace. For starters, we’ve got five of ‘em right here!


1. Computer Proficiency: Clicking the right buttons on and off screen

Next to food, shelter, and clothing, computers are probably every working professional’s lifeline at work. (Imagine making handwritten reports every day!) With most companies turning digital, being computer literate is one important skill that has become a requirement more than an advantage.

Are you proficient in Microsoft Office? Do you know how to install an application software? These tasks may be seemingly menial but it can potentially spare you time (and headache) at work. Take short courses like Integrated Digital Competency Training and Computer Troubleshooting and Networking, and be a computer genius stat!


2. Multimedia Design: Making boring reports less boring

Ever stalked someone online (okay fine, intensive research) because their social media feed is #aesthetic? Or bought something because the packaging design looked nice? Well, you’re not the only one. People nowadays have become increasingly visual, and companies know an effective design doesn’t just happen overnight. Good visuals sell, and it requires brilliant minds and long hours to pull it off!

Turn your creative juices into life. Learn the basic to advanced principles in design, and try a hand in visual graphic design, 3D animation, and more! (We promise you, you’ll never go back to templates.)


3. Communication Skills: Keeping your cool with an angry client

Everyone communicates, but not everyone communicates effectively. Be the latter! Good communication skills are always an advantage whether it’s speaking with a client, your boss, or the entire company. Not to mention, a global village waving in and out of work!

If you still feel nervous speaking (read: may be characterized by stuttering and wobbly knees), then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Master the art of effective communication, and watch people listen attentively to every word you say. Who’s the boss? You’re. the. boss.

P.S. Did you know there’s a Contact Center Services NC ll short course to help you prep and thrive for a career in BPO and call center industries? (This is how you handle those angry customers!)


4. Digital Marketing: Selling through effective storytelling

According to a 2019 digital report, Filipinos spend the most time online in the world. (10 hours and 2 minutes on average to be exact! Can you imagine?) No wonder companies are investing most of their marketing efforts online. That’s where people are, and that’s what you should learn about too—the wonders of digital marketing!

Know what makes the audience smile, laugh, cry, buy, or all of the above. When you do, it’s just a matter of time before you get your word out to the world!


5. Leadership Development: Leading Gen Z in the workplace

Just as how technology brought people closer in the world, jobs today require people to work closely to achieve their goal. Why do you think companies look for team players?

Being a leader doesn’t start when you become CEO. It starts as you develop good decision-making, critical thinking skills, and a strong sense of responsibility that make work better for you and the people you work with. Do you know leaders like that you look up to?

If these things don’t come easy for you, it’s okay. That’s where mentors and short courses like Leadership Development Training come in!


The key to a thriving career in today’s fast-paced world is no secret. It’s adaptability, and willingness to learn and embrace change as it happens. So master these crucial skills at work and deliberately take steps to grow in your career!

Swiss IT Academy Inc.’s commitment in cultivating the next generation of Filipino working professionals made way for short course programs and personal development programs that can help you do just that. And the best part is? These courses only take a few days or weeks to finish and are also affordable-  you can even take one with a scholarship! What’s not to love, right? (Hint: There’s none.)

Upskill and be a future-ready boss! Learn more about Swiss IT Academy Inc. and their programs at www.swissitacademy.com. For more tips and advice to level up your career, head to the Moving Ahead blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!

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