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5 Types of People You Meet at the Office and How to Deal with Them

Working in an office does not only involve getting your job done but also getting along with officemates who have different personalities. This makes navigating the workplace and building work relationships tough, especially for a fresh grad. To help you, we made a list of the 5 types of people you meet in the office and how to get along with them. 

  1. The Slacker

Meet the slacker, they get away with lazing around the office while you work hard on managing your deliverables. They go to work an hour late and go home an hour early. The slacker will definitely test your patience.

How to deal: It’s easy to lose your temper watching the slacker laze around the office, but you have to let it go. Remember to not let the slacker’s work ethic get to you and affect what you do. You should always bring your A-game regardless of the people you work with. The only situation wherein you have to do something about the slacker’s lack of work ethic is if you’re working on a project that requires their input. This may be a good time to talk to your manager and carefully explain the situation. Otherwise, focus on your work and never ever pick up a slacker’s slack.

  1. The Perfectionist

The perfectionist wants every bit of detail to be, well, perfect. They check and nitpick everything and want to do everything the “right way” aka their way. No mistake about it, having high standards and being detail-oriented are perfectly okay, but when the perfectionist takes it to the extreme–i.e., making a fuss about everything, that’s when you need to react and do something about it.

How to deal: The key to working with the perfectionist is earning their trust–proving yourself that you can do quality work. If you do this, you’ll have more leeway to do your work your own way.

  1. The Noisy

The noisy officemate does not care if you have a mountain of paperwork to finish. They will start yapping about anything they can think of from the latest news to the funniest memes on the internet.

How to deal: The best way to deal with a noisy officemate is to be direct. Tell them that you’re busy and that you have to finish something before the day ends. This will give them the sign to keep quiet. If this doesn’t work, wearing a headphone shall do the trick.

  1. The Gossip

The gossip always knows the latest “chika” about anyone in the office. They have ears and eyes everywhere and they’re not afraid to spill it out.

How to deal: It’s important to build rapport with your officemates so it’s best to avoid gossip. Be clear when dealing with the gossip, tell them that you don’t want to know what they’re sharing or you probably should stay away from gossiping. Doing this will likely make them stop talking. Remember, gossips are untrustworthy–stay away from them.

  1. The Friend


They are the rare coworker turned friend. They’re always there for you whether in success or failure, plus they’re always ready for a quick coffee run. Building rapport with your teammates and boss creates a better working environment for everyone. But, of course, you have to draw a line and keep your professional life as professional as possible.


How to deal: Cherish and nourish your friendship but always remind yourself that when you’re in the office setting, there would be times that you must set aside your friendship. Sometimes you have to act as professionals first and be friends second.

If you happen to see yourself in the list of people mentioned above, reflect on what you need to change for the better. This will help you navigate through your corporate life much better. Facing different types of people in the office can be a challenge, but with the proper mindset and right attitude, you can definitely breeze your way through it!

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