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5 Work Situations Where Public Speaking Skills Can Save Your Life

Just when you thought graduating from college means bye-bye to class reports and nerve-racking recitations, you’ll realize you need public speaking skills more than ever once you enter the workplace. (We’re not kidding.)


Having good communication skills always comes in handy regardless of the career path you pursue. Yup, even desk jobs! And unless you live in a cave (which we assume you don’t) we say it’s time to conquer your fear of public speaking and start talking like the boss that you are.

Prepare for any, or all, of these five work situations with our online course recommendations. Who knows, public speaking might just be your strongest asset!


1. When you have to introduce yourself on your first day and… well, “break the ice”

Oh, first day introductions! Who can forget? Introducing yourself to a sea of unfamiliar faces can be pretty daunting… unless you come prepared! Make a good first impression at work. Rehearse your lines in front of a mirror or a friend so you feel less nervous once you actually do it.

P.S. Feeling a little nervous is fine! While practice is key, you don’t want to sound too rehearsed and sound like a robot, either! Make eye contact and don’t forget to smile. 


Introduce yourself confidently. Check out these online courses to help you prep for that first day intro and beyond. After all, you’re going to meet a lot of people at work!


2. When you need to present in a meeting and you. are. panicking. like. crazy.

Think final thesis defense except you got big bosses and workmates staring back at you. Oof! While the urge to run for your life is way too real (friendly reminder: you can’t actually do that at work), good preparation helps you keep your chill and slay that presentation. Because you can!

Master the art of presenting in meetings. Take these online courses:

(Bonus points if you have #aesthetic slides to visualize your ideas.)


3. When you bump into a workmate around the office and things are about to get AWKWARD

The thing about workmates is they’re everywhere. And by “everywhere” we literally mean everywhere—the pantry, the hallway, the elevator, even the restrooms. What do you do? When the situation calls for more than an awkward smile, it’s time to bring out the small talk and strike a conversation. Start with a common ground like hobbies and interests, and see where it goes. You might realize how similar you and your workmate are to each other!

Initiating conversations, regardless if it’s with one or one hundred people, doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. If you need a little push, here are some online courses to help you:


4. When there’s a heated argument between your workmates and you’re the best person to mediate

When different people with different perspectives are put in one room, conflict is inevitable. It happens among college kids, and it happens among working adults, too.

When tensions arise, be the voice of reason and manage the conflict if you can—not to meddle with other people’s business but to come through where effective communication can be the quick solution. (If all else fails, call HR. Quick!)


Public speaking can do wonders during conflict resolution. Handle work conflicts like a boss by taking these online courses:


5. When you want to request a #welldeserved break, promotion, or raise to your boss

It’s one thing to know what you deserve,  and another to assert what you deserve. Luckily, you can turn your thoughts into actual results by articulating what you feel in the right way to the right people. In your case, your bosses!

Are you convinced you’re qualified for a promotion? Have you been working hard to save up your leaves for a vacation? Muster the courage, and talk to your bosses about it. Don’t just go on full-on ~feelings~ though! Lay out the hard facts when you present your case to them.


Believe us when we say good public speaking skills can make or break your chances of getting a yes. Don’t risk it! Learn to communicate effectively with these online courses: 


Public speaking may sound scary (especially if standing in front of people terrifies you) but it is one of the skills you must learn to survive and thrive in your career. Do you know the best part about skills? You can learn it. Go for it!

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