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Moving Ahead

A Definitive Guide to Assessing Yourself and Finding Your Passions

Finding your path in life can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to start. Many of us who don’t have it figured out yet often feel lost. But that shouldn’t stop you from continuing on your student journey, right?

The trick is in reflection and in changing up your routine. Figure out where you are now versus what you’ve already done. Then see where you want to be, and try and learn something new.

Here are a few steps to help you along your journey to discovering your true passion.

Make 3 profiles: Past You, Present You, and Ideal You.

Past You: List major experiences in your life. Your first club. The first subject you actually felt good about studying for. Your most successful project. A class or sport or activity you did in your childhood that you liked or didn’t like. The dream job you had when you were young.

Present You: Then list down what you’re good at now. Your favorite subject. What hobbies, sports, or interests do you love? How about the tasks that take up most of your time, besides school? Who are your heroes and what are their careers like?

Future You: Finally, what about the things you wish you could try but don’t have the time, energy, resources, or skills to do? What do you want to check out? Anything you want to learn or get better at? Where do you want to travel? What’s one subject you wish you could understand?

Get a change of environment. Go somewhere new.

You might be stuck looking at yourself from a limited perspective. Try visiting a place you’ve never been just to shake yourself. Spend your next lunch break in a different area of your school. Try out a new dish you’ve never had. Head to a museum, to learn something new and beautiful. Pro-tip, students get discounted rates!


Sometimes we feel lost because there are so many thoughts in the way. Meditation clears the mind, reduces stress, and makes way for more pleasant thoughts. Focusing on breathing and clarity might pave the way for a new and great idea!

Make a mood board.

A common trick to boost morale and improve grit and drive is vision board-making. Seeing a collection of images of things you love or want motivates you more to work for or find it.

Gather pictures, quotes, or drawings of things you like. Make an album or collage, digital or printed, and keep it somewhere you look at often. Then look back on it from time to time to help you envision your true passion.

Sign up for workshops or online classes.

Looking to sharpen skills or learn something new? You can sign up for capsule classes or workshops to check out a new craft or hobby. If you’re looking for something to study in your own time, the internet has blessed us with online classes! There are countless courses and YouTube channels or tutorials on every subject you can think of.

Dip your toes in those waters and come out refreshed with new knowledge!

Make another Present You Profile from step 1 again.

After trying out a couple—or all?—of these things, go back to the first tip. Create a list again and compare it to the old profiles. How much has the current you changed? See if you were able to do more of what you wished you could do. What did you try? What did you like or not like? Did you get better at any skills, or at least learned any new ones? And most importantly, where do you want to be now?

Finally: read, read, read!

Still a bit lost? Get a bunch of good books on finding your potential. Sometimes reading a good story with a good hero helps inspire you to work on your dreams, too!

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