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Can I Still Land A Good Job If I’m Bad At Math?

Spoiler alert: of course, you can!

Love it or hate it, mathematics has always been an important skill that can aid you in any field, and one of the best ways to gain employment is to hone all of the basic skills that you’ve picked up in school as you carry on your career. 

For starters, you need to figure out if the career path you intend to pursue involves solving numbers. And if you really, really intend to pursue a career that has math in it (like, say, medicine and engineering), you’ll really have to start getting used to scrunching up on those numbers! 

How, you ask? Here are some things you should keep in mind to get you started:

Figure out why math isn’t your cup of tea.

For starters, figure out why you’re particularly not good in math. You might have probably had a bad math teacher growing up. Or you probably simply missed an important concept that you somehow never fully grasped. Fortunately, your weakness in math can be relatively easy to fix once you’ve figured out the source behind your difficulty!

Start from the beginning.

Learn everything from scratch. You’ve probably started disliking math in the first place because you’ve either missed or misunderstood a certain concept in the past. So go back to your old textbooks, find a tutor, or review on your basics – all mathematical concepts require understanding the most basic of mathematical concepts, and learning these will gradually help you regain your confidence in math.

Change your mindset.

Just because you’ve heard from everyone that math is hard doesn’t mean it is! While it’s also true that growing up in an environment with a family that’s naturally-inclined towards math is an asset, anyone can learn (and relearn) math at any age! All it takes is just one step to get started and you can overcome your weakness in math either way.

But if you’ve tried all of these option and you still don’t like it, we get it – it’s okay! Having a natural aversion to math doesn’t mean you don’t have other good career options waiting for you!

So if you feel bad that you don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm in math compared to your other skills, might as well take the following career paths:


From fine arts to fashion design, you’ll find little to no mathematics in this field! Aside from producing material through creative means, you’ll also have to deal with clients and adjusting your work, which leaves no room for solving mathematical equations outside basic measurements.


Working in the legal profession doesn’t involve dabbling in numbers, since you’ll mostly be busy dealing with arguments, cases, research, and communication skills. If you want a highly competitive field with little mathematical formula involved, take law.

Media and Communication

From journalism to public relations, communications-related fields require a stronger grasp of linguistics, along with written and verbal skills. Although some mathematical data might be tackled in communications (such as journalism), you will mostly see numerical data during presentations, but ultimately, you’ll be dealing with this field through creative means.


Working in sales mostly requires learning how to sell products and convince customers to purchase products, which means your presentation skills will be put to the test. Just like in communications-related fields, persuasion skills are the main focus in this field, and the numbers involved are mostly financial-related, which you can easily solve with the most basic of mathematical equations (e.g. addition, subtraction.)

Are you ready to kick it up the notch and land that job? Or are you still curious to learn more about other career paths that you can pursue in the meantime? Check out more career conversations on Edukasyon.ph!