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Moving Ahead

Career Advice From Philippine Celebrities

Success is a different story for everyone. Even celebrities who always seem to have it all, —bright smiles, charming personality, and successful careers also face struggles, criticisms, and self-doubt. But how were they able to rise above the challenges to be where they are now? These celebrities have some powerful words to inspire you to be brave and reach out for your dreams:

1. Claim your destiny, be proactive.

There’s no doubt that starting your career as a fresh grad can be tough. From waiting for calls from employers to being rejected from your dream company, the job hunt can be daunting. But hey, you’re just at the starting line. If one job opportunity closes its doors, create your own.

“Some applicants think it’s one sided: I apply, I wait for the answer. But be proactive. If no one is accepting you yet, be proactive in exposing yourself, involving yourself in different groups, you’ll meet people and build connections.” – Karen Davila

2. Keep on planting for your future.

Every person has their own battle to face. Struggles with your studies, finances, or even career can be tough. Having a positive outlook in life will help you deal with life’s unpleasant things in a more productive way.

While it’s easy to be positive when things are going well in your life, you need to adopt the same principles much more in times of adversary. Keep on learning, keep on going, keep on making good investments for your future!

“Every day when you wake up, you have two options. You can choose to start it on a positive note, or you can choose to dwell on what’s wrong, what’s missing. Remind yourself and program your mind, ‘It’s going to be a great day! I’m going to receive my breakthrough!’ Always remember that your heart is fertile soil. Whatever it is that you plant will grow.” – Toni Gonzaga

3. Take things one day one at a time.

Each time you worry about the most trivial things, you deprive yourself the chance to move forward. Sure there’ll be pressures from your colleagues, your boss, and from other people. But being kind to yourself makes life much easier to navigate. Don’t stress yourself too much. Take each day as an exciting opportunity to discover yourself, your strength, and your vulnerabilities.

“I take it one day at a time and I don’t rush things. And important yung makilala mo yung sarili mo… mas madali mong maha-handle lahat.” – Kathryn Bernardo

4. Don’t back down.

Erich Gonzales started her career at a young age and has since been one of the most admired actresses in the country. Looking back at all the hurdles that Erich had gone through, one advice she wishes to teach her younger self is on how to stay strong and patient.

“Be brave, don’t be discouraged easily… Never give up because great things take time.” – Erich Gonzales

5. Believe in yourself.

One of the greatest feelings is being able to truly recognize all that you are and care less about impressing others. Because when you can fully love, trust, and believe in yourself, the little things won’t affect you.

“Walang makakatibag sa‘yo kahit sino pa man kung naniniwala ka sa sarili mo.” – Kisses Delavin

6. Be grateful, no matter what.

There are things in life that we can’t control. People and opportunities may come and go, and where does that leave us? Be grateful for all the things that happen to you, good or bad, because these things help you be the person you are today. This allows you to learn from the past and continue fulfilling your destiny. Thank you, next!

“Look at everything positively. If there are things that hurt you in the past, be happy because it’s over.” – Nadine Lustre

7. Think ahead, plan for the future.

Planning helps to stay focused and gives you a clear perspective. Identify your goals, plan a course of action, and move towards accomplishing your goals. When you know what you want to achieve, you won’t have time for any negativity. This way, you can focus all your energy on getting what you want to accomplish.

“Never expect anything, but plan for everything,” Liza Soberano

8. Embrace your differences.

Many people get insecure about certain things in their lives like their skin color, hair, figure, social life, or academic aptitudes. These insecurities create excuses and hinder us from being the best we can be. Yet, you are the only person capable of creating the life you want. You can be awesome as much as you let yourself be.

“At the end of the day, I hope you find confidence in writing your own music and finding your own sound without the pressure of having to fit in to ”make it”. Because you are amazing and were created for such a time as this. No one can ever give what only you can give.” – Moira Dela Torre

As you start building your career, let these career advice from Philippine celebrities guide you. Think about how can you use these lessons to help you seize your dreams.

You can do this and we’re all rooting for you! Read more advice and inspirational stories on Edukasyon.ph to help you thrive in school, work life, and beyond.