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College Advice: Leadership story Part I: Fulfilling Career Leads to a Fulfilling Life

Is following your passions important to you? Well, it is for Wedu’s Rising Star Kristal Jade. Kristal’s mother made her give up her dream career in Psychology to pursue a career in Accounting. She now wants to tell other students to strive for their own goals and to not let anyone influence that decision. She believes that pursuing your passion leads to a successful and a fulfilling life. This is her interview.

How do you select a major and find your passion/knowing what you wanted to do?

I go for things that interest me the most. A good major choice is something that motivates you, challenges you, and improves your skills.

Photo taken after a successful thesis defense. (Kristal Jade second on the left)

Describe the current social mission project?

My social mission is about the female inmates of Tacloban City. It aims to help them in their livelihood programs by collecting plastic wrappers from junk foods and sending it to them to recycle. From recycled wrappers, they make bags, wallets and laptop cases which are being sold at our local airport. The proceeds are being sent directly to them to support their families outside the prison. My goal is to provide more materials such as wrappers and seek potential target markets for them.

Taken with her Grade 6 students in Catechesis during summer. Kristal (upper leftmost side) volunteers to teach for church every summer to the children in her town.

Why do you want to be involved in this mission?

The dilemma here is – most people do not buy these crafts because first, it can only be seen in the airport which has a very limited market. Second, when people learn that the crafts are made by prisoners, they do not wish to buy. As a business student, I wanted to create a business strategy for them to gain more customers and provide more target markets such as placing them near the church, inside the malls or even in small enterprises. These crafts can also be used as souvenirs. Also, I want to “rebrand” them, remove the stigma – in a way that people would perceive them not as the bad women in the society but as mothers, daughters, and sisters that we need to help. As of now, I and my team have the “wrappers in a box” campaign that collects plastic wrappers through boxes placed in my school.

Kristal delivering her valedictory speech during her graduation ceremony in High School last March 2012.

How is leadership important to your student life?

Leadership qualities are tools which help in academic life. These qualities include being confident, resourceful, a good communicator, responsible, and time conscious.

How does mentorship support you and your goals so far?

My previous mentorship was spectacular! Betty, who was a really great mentor, helped me in a way that she believed in me more than I did myself. She influenced me to become a better individual by helping others and fighting for women’s rights. She monitored my goals and provided me with pieces of advice, may it be in academic challenges, family matters, or in my personal life. Even my time management skills have improved through the use of time blocking in my timetable during our mentorship sessions

Any advice to those who are about to graduate high school?

Follow your passion, go for your niche in life. Do not be influenced by the demands and expectation of others. Go for a career that you really love and that’s where you’ll find your heart, and through your heart, you will find satisfaction in life.

Your life motto?

“When you want something, all of the universe conspires for you to achieve it.”  – The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho

Kristal Jade continues to pursue her passion and inspire more women to reach out to their goals.

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