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Create a Work Uniform With Our Handy Office Style Guide

You probably know someone who always dresses like they just got off the runway. It’s almost a mystery how they can look professional and comfortable, without running out of clothes. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to choose a coordinated outfit every day. What more a stylish one! Is there an office style guide out there to follow or something?

What if I told you that two pioneers cracked the code to effortless style? Those people? Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

They nailed the very first fashion principle that will get you through any morning rush and “empty” closet meltdown.

The Golden Rule: Have a (stylish) office uniform.

Steve Jobs wore a turtleneck, jeans, and white sneakers. Mark Zuckerberg wore a gray tee, jeans, and (also) sneakers.


Because wearing the same thing every day means you make one less decision in the morning. So you can focus and make better choices throughout the day. Also, you waste less time getting up and out of the house. Did they look great? Debatable. But were they more productive? Look at where Apple and Facebook are now!

So we created an Office Style Guide with foolproof fashion formulas.

It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing every day. Your work uniform is a style formula. It’s a ride or die outfit in multiple ways.

Wear something that makes you feel confident, cool, collected. And most of all, productive. Here are some formulas that never fail.

Foolproof Formula: Basic Piece + Interesting Piece + Finishing Touch + Accessory. Monochrome & Minimal: Basic Piece + Basic Piece + Interesting Accessory. Contrasting Colors: Basic Piece + Minimal Pattern/Contrasting Color + Basic Shoes.

Top It Off: Wear your heart (and personality) on your sleeve.

For Men

Nothing beats a button-down or a classic tee. Those go with just about anything. The trick is to find a good fit by aligning the seams to your shoulders. So nothing too loose and nothing too tight. Don’t be scared of patterns, prints, or pocket details.

For Women

You can never go wrong with a blouse that flatters your figure. Try going for a similar color palette but in different styles for that uniform look. The trick is to find pieces you can easily mix and match with different pants or skirts.

Bottom Line: Know your body type.

For Men

A good pair of pants starts with the fit. Find something that hugs your calf but doesn’t choke the rest of your leg. Your ankles should never drown in fabric either. It’s not a bad idea to go for color, too.

For Women

When choosing skirts and dresses, focus on your middle-down ratio. Never cut your height short and always flatter your waist, legs, and hips. Slacks don’t always have to be boring to be comfortable! Try culottes, ankle pants, or joggers in snazzy fabrics.

If the Shoe Fits: Don’t just settle, invest in comfort.

For Men

A clean and well-designed shoe makes a huge professional difference. Your sneaker game seals the deal. Or invest in comfortable leather Oxfords or loafers with just a bit of height—an inch or less. Time to take a trip to Marikina for budget-friendly, locally made shoes!

For Women

It might be fun to shop and shop for the nicest and cutest shoes. But, just like in life, never settle for something that just looks good. Go for what feels good, too. Wear shoes that you can walk, run, sit, and stand in all day.

Is there padding or support? Is it sturdy? Will I survive if a thousand steps in these? If you can answer yes to all, go for it, girl!

Liked our office style guide? You can definitely use the same fashion formula for school, too. Save it on your phone or share it with your friends and family in college!

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