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These Easy Formulas Will Help You Develop Your Passion

Nobody wants a wasted life, but not everyone knows how to live a fulfilling one either. We hear the word “passion” so often, but we still don’t know how exactly it fits into our lives. The truth is, passion is a feeling of momentum when you’re going after what makes you feel fulfilled. So develop your passion by living your life on purpose.

We may not all love math, but here are a couple of formulas that you’ll surely understand! You’re welcome! 😉

The Fulfillment Formula

The Fulfillment Formula: Time + Impact + Profit = Fulfillment

Step 1: What do you spend your time on?

Step one is all about knowing yourself.

First thing’s first, what do you love to do?  Whether it’s writing, cooking, running, doing some research, or even talking to people, there’s always something that makes you lose track of time.  If you had one whole day to do anything at all, how would you spend it?

If you don’t have that something yet, don’t fret it takes time to develop your passion! With a few baby steps, you’re on your way. Start by thinking about what you enjoy doing. What subject do you love learning? What do you feel you’re good at—sports, arts, math, music?

The trick is to focus on what you love, that way life will always be one fun adventure!

Step 2: What does the world need?

Step two is all about understanding your impact on the world.

Now that you’ve taken the time to look inward and know what you love to do, it’s time to look outward to see how doing that can impact the world. Ever wonder what successful people like Oprah, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, have in common? It’s having a sense of purpose bigger than themselves. As cliché as it sounds, attaching what you love doing to what the world needs is what develops your passion and turns it into purpose.

Step 3: How can you turn your passion into a career?

Ttep three is all about learning to develop your passion and turning it into a promising career.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay passionate when you’re broke. From blogging to freelance web designing to ghostwriting, these days anything and everything can be monetized and turned into a career. So how can you start streaming revenue from what you love doing?

If you love to write, why not help an online coach produce self-help modules? If you love to play sports, why not be the coach that motivates budding athletes to dream bigger? Or if you love photography, why don’t you take good photos for events and get referrals from that?

You’ll be surprised by all the ways you can monetize almost any skill online. Though you can’t be a super success overnight, simply starting today can point you towards that direction.

The Purposeful Life Formula

The Purposeful Life Formula: Passion + Daily Action = A Purposeful Life

So you’ve taken the 3 steps to fulfillment, here’s a secret. The final step is all about breaking down your big goals into actionable steps you can do every day!

If your big goal is to start your own company meant to support thriving artists, what can you do today to get there? What skills should you be strengthening? While living a life with purpose may sound like such a big leap, it’s doing what consistently develops your passion that drives you there!

 Life isn’t meant to serve one single goal. So instead of looking to live out your one life purpose, live your life on purpose.

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