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What Makes A Job Great?

It’s easy to assume that high pay makes a job great. After all, everyone works to pay the bills, right? In fact, job rankings sites like Careercast, use salary among other criteria to measure what makes a job worthwhile. Some research, on the other hand, question these criteria and ask if these are really reliable.


Finding a great job is essential in your long-term happiness. As the saying goes, Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. So, then, we’re left here to answer the question we thought was easy to answer: what makes a job great?

  1. Flexibility

According to research, flexibility is one of the top reasons employees look for or stay in a job.

Being allowed to work remotely and being flexible in the time they go in or out of the office are definite perks for many individuals as these give them opportunities for a work-life balance

  1. Variety

Most people don’t enjoy having to sit all day at the office and do the exact things over and over again for the rest of their week. Being able to work on a variety of projects and assignments keeps employees engaged and happy in the long run.

  1. Compensation

We all work to pay the bills and afford little luxuries here and there. So, naturally an awesome job pays fairly and, ideally, slightly above average. A good company keeps employees motivated by offering them a salary that continues to grow depending on their performance.

  1. Aligned to one’s career goals

Working for a job that is aligned with your goals or interests can do wonders to your work ethic and overall perspective. For example, if you like trouble shooting or helping people then you will find customer service oriented jobs awesome and fulfilling.

  1. Development

Nobody wants to feel that they are in the deadend of their career. A good company keeps employees happy by letting them grow and develop their skills. With the improvement of their skills come better performance which means better compensation.

It is indeed difficult to find a job that ticks off everything on this list. So, if you haven’t found the perfect job for you yet, don’t fret. There are multiple opportunities for you to find the job that is great for you. All you have to do is be patient and trust the process.

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