Edukasyon Acquires FindUniversity, An Online Search Engine for Philippine Colleges | Edukasyon.ph

Edukasyon Acquires FindUniversity, An Online Search Engine for Philippine Colleges

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Edukasyon, the leading education technology startup in the Philippines, today announced its acquisition of FindUniversity, an online directory of colleges, universities and academic programs offered across the country. The deal was completed in 2018.

Under Edukasyon’s ownership, FindUniversity is rolling out an updated website, including a new logo and homepage. Students browsing higher education options on FindUniversity.ph can now also access a comprehensive platform of resources, tools and content on Edukasyon.ph.

Edukasyon allows students to directly inquire and apply to schools, browse thousands of higher education programs and courses locally, abroad and online, apply for scholarship opportunities, and access engaging and relevant content, including advice on career and life choices. Edukasyon.ph can be accessed for free from any device.

Henry Motte-Muñoz, Edukasyon CEO and Founder, said, “We are very impressed with FindUniversity’s online visibility and robust database of schools, programs and rankings. We are excited to bring added value to its student users by integrating Edukasyon’s tools, resources and content, and to our partner institutions by offering an additional gateway to prospective applicants. For us at Edukasyon, it’s all about meeting students where they are, so that we can help make a meaningful difference in their lives.”

FindUniversity, launched in 2010, enables access to over 20,000 academic programs offered in more than 900 higher education institutes across the Philippines. Together with Edukasyon’s listing of 20,000 programs, 13,000 schools, 500 partner institutions and 4,000 scholarships, the platforms reach a community of more than 10 million senior high school and college students each year.

“FindUniversity’s legacy product and wealth of analytics are complementary to Edukasyon’s innovative technology and engagement mediums,” said Jason Townes French, Chief Technology Officer at Edukasyon. “With our combined reach, we can now play an even bigger role in helping students make informed decisions, and we look forward to building continued improvements to both platforms.”