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Edukasyon Hosts Free Gen Z Workshops for Education and Institution Partners

MANILA, PHILIPPINES As the leading authority on Filipino Gen Z youth students, consumers and future job-seekers aged 13-23 Edukasyon hosted a series of pocket events aimed to help its education and institution partners understand and effectively engage with this market. 

The most recent events were held at Edukasyon’s new headquarters, located at WeWork coworking space in Uptown Bonifacio, BGC.

Primer on Gen Z

In the second installment of the Edukasyon Gen Z Primer workshop, held last February, more than 30 agencies and brands including Havaianas, MContent and [24/7].ai got an exclusive glimpse of the 2018 Education Report research commissioned by Edukasyon and leveraging its technology and network to gather insights on student preferences and online behavior. The event was piloted by Edukasyon last November.

Edukasyon shared that among its users, mobile is now the gadget of choice (almost 50% more than PC use), highlighting the value of mobile-friendly platforms. Based on year-on-year data from FindUniversity.ph and Edukasyon.ph, the startup also shed light on educational fields that gathered the highest interest among Gen Z youth (teacher education, business administration, HRM, engineering) but cautioned on the importance of factoring in growth, consistency and relevance of data.

Analyzed against a growth index, Edukasyon found that top three fastest and most consistently growing fields on the platform from 2015-2018 (and predicted to grow further) were psychology, nursing and medical/healthcare.

“Leveraging real data from millions of students using multiple platforms, we will be better equipped to understand the mind of the youth – not just through what they say or do inside the classroom,” said Edukasyon CEO and Founder Henry Motte-Muñoz.

Edukasyon Business Development Manager Martin Asuncion added, “We are excited to be providing our partner brands, schools and agencies this type of information, which they can use as tools in refining and targeting their own youth initiatives and campaigns.”

Marketing and Content Creation in the Digital Age

As part of the Gen Z primer, Edukasyon also presented an overview of digital behavior in the Philippines – undoubtedly a normal part of daily life for young Filipinos. According to We Are Social, internet penetration in the Philippines is expected to be at 90% by 2030.

There is vast potential to speak to the generation of digital natives, and Edukasyon showed by example how to do this effectively in the language that Gen Z speaks.

A second event in February was the first of Edukasyon’s EduTalks, a seminar on how to gain reach, connection and trust among students through digital marketing. More than 30 partner schools and institutions including Central Colleges of the Philippines, De La Salle University Dasmariñas and Trinity University of Asia attended.

Sam Santos, Edukasyon’s Digital Engagement Manager, emphasized that when creating a digital marketing campaign, brands should define objectives, understand who their consumers are, and use digital marketing tools to reach the objectives they’ve set.

He highlighted tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), display and social media ads, and email marketing all of which, when used strategically, can help brands increase traffic and reach a broader audience.

Dale De Jesus, Edukasyon’s Head of Content and Community Engagement, shared best practices in engaging with Gen Z through content. Among her tips: understanding their user persona (Gen Zs are go-getters!), utilizing mobile and video platforms, and promoting positive messages.

Guest speaker Andie Javelosa, a content creator for multiple lifestyle/fashion/beauty brands and celebrities, talked about the importance of building your brand’s story, focusing on customer insights, gaining customer trust, and using different platforms to connect to different types of audiences.

Javelosa said, “Brand identity is the combined message transmitted via brand name, logo, style, and visuals. A brand identity is the face of your business, and it should help fulfill your key business goals.”

Stay tuned for more events and workshops brought to you by Edukasyon, the leading EdTech Gen Z platform in the Philippines.