Edukasyon.ph & Launch Philippine Business for Education Career Site

Edukasyon.ph, Philippine Business for Education launch industry-based career site

Education technology startup Edukasyon.ph and the Philippine Business for Education has signed a Memorandum of Agreement to seal its joint commitment to provide industry-based information on careers for high school students through the “Career Conversations” section of the website www.edukasyon.ph.

“We are excited with this partnership with the Philippine Business for Education that will help in delivering job market and education information needed to make informed career and education decisions. Through these joint efforts with industry associations, we believe that we are able to guide students in what industries expect from them as job seekers and what they need to know to prepare for these jobs,”  said Linartes M. Viloria, CEO, Edukasyon.ph.

Edukasyon.ph is a website (www.edukasyon.ph) that empowers students by giving them a choice, advice, and convenience in discovering, selecting and applying to the school that will best equip them for their dream career. The Philippine Business for Education maintains FutureYou, a free online career exploration tool that provides you the information needed to be able to get the right opportunity where a student’s passions, skills, and interests can be turned into a great job and a great future. The two sites have agreed to combine its online efforts through Edukasyon.ph’s Career Conversations.


Love Basillote, Executive Director of Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) with Henry Motte-Muñoz Edukasyon.ph founder sign MOA on July 11, 2016.

“Deciding on what you want to be when you grow up is a difficult decision a high school student has to make. Without the right industry information on careers and the world of work, students will find themselves confused on the education they need to have to prepare for their dream careers. Through these collaborative efforts with the Philippine Business for Education we can deliver to students job information that they can understand and appreciate for better career decision-making,” said Henry Motte-Muñoz, Founder, Edukasyon.ph.
Under the partnership, students can check out Edukasyon’s Career Conversations portal ( http://edukasyon.ph/en/career_conversations) where they can find a variety of careers they can choose and read about. This section includes hard-to-fill and most popular jobs, job descriptions, entry-level salaries for these jobs and the requisite education for these jobs.
“It is our dream that every Filipino student gets a quality and relevant education that leads to a career. This partnership brings us closer to realizing that dream and ensuring that young people get better chances to employment,” said Henry Motte-Muñoz, Founder, Edukasyon.ph

At the joint site, students can discover the recommended senior high tracks, college courses, and technical vocational education for these selected careers. To give them first-hand information on preparations for their career journey in these jobs, students can watch Career Conversation videos of professionals in different industries.


Edukasyon.ph was established by French-Filipino Henry Motte-Muñoz in 2014. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, Henry was inspired to launch an education website in the Philippines because of the poor sources of information on academic opportunities in the country and overseas. He is the only Filipino who made it to the Class of 2015 Asia 21 Young Leaders, a network of young leaders from across the Asia Pacific, representing the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Henry is one of 10 Filipinos included in the Forbes 30 under 30. The list features young entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in Asia across 10 fields.
Hope you will soon benefit from Edukasyon.ph, Philippine Business for Education launch industry-based career site.


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