Edukasyon.ph: International Baccalaureate scholarships

Edukasyon.ph and UWC Philippines team up for International Baccalaureate scholarships

Worldwide international baccalaureate scholarships are up for grabs at the 2nd leg of the EdukAbroad series on November 21, 2014 at the Mahatma Gandhi International School, in Pasay City. The information session is organized by Edukasyon.ph in cooperation with United World Colleges (UWC) Philippines.

“We are excited to be partners with UWC Philippines for this session that will provide more study opportunities abroad for our high school students. This is an amazing opportunity for our students as schools like UWC are looking at Philippine students as the next scholars for their international baccalaureate program,” said Edukasyon.ph Chief Executive Officer Ms. Linartes Viloria.


UWC was founded in 1962 with the vision of bringing together young people whose experience was of the political conflict of the cold war era, offering an educational experience based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding so that the students would act as champions of peace. UWC has 14 schools and colleges educating students aged between 2 and 19, in Hongkong, India, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, Armenia, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, Swaziland, Bosnia and the USA.

“A UWC education provides an opportunity for Filipino students to experience a global education, meet people from all over the world, and interact with them on a daily basis for two (2) years. This is also a chance for them to prepare for their college studies in the best schools in the world” said Nicole Severino, Head of National Committee of UWC-Philippines.rld.

For 2014, UWC Philippines granted former sampaguita vendor Daniel Dejapin a full scholarship to attend Robert Bosch United World College in Germany. This year UWC Philippines is looking for dedicated and talented students like Daniel who will be recipients of the organization’s study abroad scholarships.

UWC-Philippines is an alumni association that represents a group of UWC graduates who are committed to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

The session is open to high school guidance counsellors and school administrators. Invited to speak at the session are UWC Filipino alumni who have experienced living and engaging with other people from different countries through their UWC Education. Speakers include Ms. Gillian Virata (UWC-Atlantic College, Batch 76-78), Executive Director of Philippine Women’s University, Mr. Gio Bacareza (UWC-USA Batch 87-89) Chief Executive Officer of Morphlabs.

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