How a scholarship possibility moved a 19-year old to pursue his dreams

How a Scholarship Possibility Moved a 19-year Old to Pursue His Dreams

How a scholarship possibility moved a 19-year old to pursue his dreams


On July 2015, Edukasyon.ph conducted its Career Clinic in Antonio J. Villegas Vocational School in Roxas, Tondo, Manila. Spearheaded by Riza Solis, High School Engagement Officer the team conducted a Career Clinic to approximately 250 graduating students of the said school. 250 eager, young soon-to-be Junior High School completers who may or may not be sure about college. When the clinic finished, Riza who was still in college herself thought to herself,

“Did the students really get what we could offer?”

“Do they appreciate the swift process of pursuing whatever career they want thru Edukasyon.ph?”

As if on cue, a 19-year-old boy, came up to her very shyly and said, “I want to be a Seaman but I also know that my parents couldn’t send me to school. I’m already 19 and I’m just about to finish Junior High School. I don’t know if I should do Tech-Voc or pursue the academic track. If I pursue the academic track and finish SHS, there’s a very slim chance that I get into college. Do you think there’s a scholarship I could apply to?”

Automatically Riza ushered JM to use Edukasyon.ph website. He completed his registration as a student, clicked on the ‘Scholarships’ tab, typed Nautical, waited for a 5 seconds, then a full scholarship came up given by a private company. As if washed over with hope JM breathed a sigh of relief, with a smile no longer shy and said, “I’m going to enroll in a Tech-Voc next year for my SHS and get that Scholarship. Salamat po Ate Riza at sa Edukasyon.ph”.

The Edukasyon.ph team recently caught up with JM, he said he’s taking a Tech-Voc course on Computer Hardware Service. When asked if he still plans to pursue a career as a Seaman, JM said, “Oo naman po. Kukuha po ako ng Tech-Voc para mas malawak ang skills na madevelop ko. Magsi-seaman pa rin po ako.” That’s JM hitting two birds with one stone. Thanks to K-12!

JM dreams of being a Seaman, Edukasyon.ph dreams of making that dream come true.


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Hope we inspired you with this story on How a scholarship possibility moved a 19-year old to pursue his dreams .


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