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How To Be An Influencer: 4 Takeaways From Philippine Social Media Week

Digital marketers, tech enthusiasts and media practitioners gathered last August 1 and 2, 2019 for the first ever Philippine Social Media Week at Marquis Place in Bonifacio Global City. 

The region’s most sought after industry leaders shared their experiences and insights on today’s complex yet exciting world of social media. The two-day conference staged a series of panel discussions and interactive workshops on leveraging social media and keeping up with the latest trends in the digital sphere.

Here are our four takeaways from the event, which may come handy as you strive to maximize your online presence and reach for social media stardom.

1. Lead a movement

 Before creating a vlog or social media account, assess why and how you want to make an impact. Do you want to entertain a crowd, empower a marginalized sector, or inspire the young generation? From there, identify what change you want to see. 

As you expand your reach, your ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives will grow as well. This is true for Filipina-Australian actress Anne Curtis, now a UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador who uses her influence to mobilize support for children’s rights and protection.    

Tip: Get in touch with the real world by building relationships with all kinds of people. These human connections could spark your passion for a cause that you could truly own. 

Consider the various communication channels you could tap to increase audience engagement. With the internet, there are countless opportunities to send a message that sparks interest and moves people to action. Remember that users don’t just consume products but also consume meaning.

Photo caption: Geiser-Maclang Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer, Amor Maclang, commended the newly appointed UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador, Anne Curtis for using her influence for the greater good.

2. Leverage your personal branding 

“Storytelling is the fastest way to build trust and get inside people’s hearts and minds. Technology is the best tool for you to do that,” said Sunshine Digital Pte Ltd. Founder, Indhran Indhraseghar. 

Brands effectively resonate with their audiences when they produce compelling and authentic stories. Once you find a topic or movement you are genuinely passionate about, everything you create from it will come naturally. 

Take note: Enhancing your brand goes beyond filtered selfies and sponsored posts. People love stories, so actively seek out skills and experiences that will make you a better storyteller. Feed your curiosity, discover the unknown, and unlock new skills. By doing so, you’ll always have something new to share with your followers. If you value self-improvement, chances are, others will be interested to follow along on your journey.

3. Know your audience

In our diverse world, each social media platform caters to its own community. As an aspiring influencer, find your audience and know how to effectively speak to them. Understand how each platform performs and how each of them can coexist and correlate when used in tandem. Additionally, dig deeper into how users interact with brands on each channel. Knowing the demographic profiles and digital behavior of your intended audience can steer you toward a better content strategy. 

Successful content creation takes research, time, and resources. Make sure you are investing in the right platforms.

4. Be bold and conquer greater heights

Standing out from millions of aspiring thought leaders is not going to be easy. Dare to be different so you can capture the attention of your audiencebut also take calculated risks. 

Marketing Head of motorcycle-hailing app,  Angkas, Walter Wong on staying relevant on social media: “Jumping on trends quickly can either make or break your brand. If you end up making mistakes, be apologetic and actually mean it.”

Constantly challenge yourself and take mistakes as room for improvement. Behind every success is a cycle of trial and error; sooner or later, you will learn to adapt and find effective ways to reach your goals.

Philippine Social Media Week 2019 was produced by My Events International.