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Local Davao talents highlight soft skills as key to success

DAVAO CITY – Speaking to over 3,000 Grade 10 and Grade 12 students, local Davao talents gave importance to having the right set of soft skills are the secret ingredient to be successful in the working industry.

Every Nation Campus – Davao youth leader Arby Petel maintained that soft skills are of equal value as technical skills since both will affect the professional advancement of an individual. “Your knowledge, skill, talent, and proficiency won’t matter when you don’t have influence. One way to grow your influence is to live a lifestyle of excellence,” he said during the two-day Edukasyon.ph Education Fair held in the city.

The said fair provided access to higher education choices and helped students make better-informed decisions that allow them to develop the right skills using the online platform at www.edukasyon.ph. Students from Grades 10 and 12 can choose the right course and discover educational opportunities from 11 public and private colleges and universities.

Citing her success in media and entrepreneurship, ABS-CBN TV host Cherry Maning emphasized how self-confidence and perseverance contributed to her current achievements. “Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create it,” she said.

According to a survey by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the deficiency, or lack of soft skills such as interpersonal, social, and communication skills are key reasons why employers are not hiring people despite the huge number of vacancies.

On behalf of Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio, City Councilor and Committee on Education Chair Pilar Braga encouraged students to practice lifelong learning and continue sharpening their skills. “Good, better, best, but never rest until good becomes better and better becomes best,” the city councilor said.

Passion can lead to success

Meanwhile, Macho Mucho Men’s Salon founder and marketing professional Ralph Layco shared his experiences in starting a business to inspire more young local entrepreneurs in the region. “Being an entrepreneur is like finding your true love.”

“You give it your all, but it doesn’t work out sometimes. You significantly invest time and effort, turns out it is not the one for you. Do not be miserable. Even if you get your heart broken, have the courage to start again,” Layco explained.

In a Facebook post, Layco also noted the collective passion that he saw from the attendees of the fair as a source of hope for generations to come. “They can use social media as their platform for good and their passions and energy as the tools to build the future,” he further commented.

Meanwhile, Mindanaoan fashion designer Emi Englis also echoed the significance of pursuing one’s passion to be successful in the field. “To be an artist is to believe in life,” he said.

The education fair was made possible with the help of ASUS Philippines, SM Cares, SMART, and Jollibee. The Davao Local Government Unit and Department of Education – School Division Office are also working together with Edukasyon.ph to address the education needs of the students.