Edukasyon.ph - Online Application to Enderun Colleges

Online Application to Enderun Colleges is now open through Edukasyon.ph

Aspiring students from all over the world can now apply online to Enderun Colleges!


Enderun Colleges offers 4-year undergraduate studies. Their experience based education puts premium on strong management, hospitality, culinary, and business curricula. This pushes students to discover a world of opportunities, possibilities, and ideas that will best prepare them for life after Enderun. With their relatively young history, the school has been successful in producing critical and independent graduates who are not only globally competitive but are global trend-setter themselves.

EdTech Enterprise Edukasyon.ph and Enderun Colleges engaged in a partnership to bring more young men and women to take on the challenge of a globally competitive education. Students from all over the world can now apply and enroll to any Enderun undergraduate program by registering at http://edukasyon.ph/. Click http://goo.gl/Mq5v12 to apply and enroll in Enderun Colleges.

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