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An Open Letter to the Teacher Whom I Will Never Forget

A teacher is someone who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness. They are the most influential people and carry the biggest responsibility for developing a child’s future. Teachers and children differ from each other across many variables, but what they both have is a goal and that for the latter to be successful.

I only have a handful of teachers whom I respect to the core. One of them is my teacher from grade school. She’s my teacher in Sibika at Kultura. We used to have a reporting activity in her class every day, yung kunwari TV Patrol anchors kami and you need to stand in front of that class to report the latest news in the newspaper including weather updates. I enjoyed that very much.

She is not a typical teacher. Siya yung tipong pag nakita mo na sa corridor at narinig mo na ang yapak nia, magtago ka na. She’s one of the strict ones you’ll meet. A lot of my classmates would get scared of her subject because they don’t get her style. She is a person who always imposes discipline on herself; by nature, she is hard-working and persistent. She was the prime reason for my interests in public speaking, declaiming, and writing. She has helped me to develop my skills and supported me all throughout. She believed in my capabilities and found my strengths.

I remember when we had a declamation contest in school and she hand-picked me as the class representative. I was in awe but I doubted myself. I have to compete with someone from the star section (meaning mas magaling), but she insisted and told me “kayang kaya mo yan!” That phrase lit up something in my heart. And guess what, I got the gold medal and won several competitions after.


She may have forgotten the things she had done for me, but I’ll never forget how she has shaped me into the person I am today. Only certain teachers make a good impression on us, and she is one of my glittering gems. Thank you, Mrs. Germie Alviz. Thank you for giving quality education to your students. Know that I will be forever grateful that you taught me how to believe in myself. I learned so much from you. And with that, Happy World Teacher’s to you and to all the great teachers out there!

Ely Joy Montances Graduated from UPHS-Dalta with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She previously worked as a Medical Transcriptionist in MxSecure Phils and became a Process Analyst in AIG. She is now an ER Nurse at Las Pinas General Hospital and Satellite Trauma Center. She met Mrs. Alviz when she was still in grade school at La Consolacion College – Biñ an.


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