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Roll Out of Edukasyon.ph Mindanao-Wide Events for 2018

Mindanao, are you ready to catch the Edukasyon.ph wave? Mark your calendars to catch these worthwhile activities especially crafted for senior high school and college students looking for schools, courses, scholarships, and student-centric content.

Edukasyon.ph will conduct a career expo in three private schools and three public schools in key Mindanao cities to discuss important education-to-employment information and advice. Seminars and engagement talks will also be organized for teachers, guidance counselors, and parents through a step-by-step demo in exploring Edukasyon.ph and how the website can become a tool to discover education opportunities that match a student’s skills, interests, and career dreams.



Career Expo

Davao City July

Digos, Bukidnon, Valencia City


Cagayan de Oro City


General Santos City


Seminars: Exploring Education and Career  Opportunities

Across  Mindanao

June to December
Talks: Discovering Senior High School Tracks, College Courses and Scholarships Across Mindanao

June to December

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