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Security Bank Foundation Scholars Engage in Online Ed with Edukasyon.ph

Online courses have definitely become more popular in the last few months. With the sudden suspension of face-to-face classes, some students have taken the opportunity to explore platforms such as Coursera or EdX and sign up for short courses from the comfort of their home.

You may have found yourself scrolling through a long list of learning topics and still end up undecided on what course you want to pursue. It’s all exciting (and a bit overwhelming sometimes), and it’s natural to wonder Where do I even start?”

According to the scholars of Security Bank Foundation Inc. (SBFI), navigating the online ed space starts with one simple question: What do you want to learn?

SBFI partnered with Edukasyon.ph to promote online education courses for senior high school and college students, through Edukasyon.ph’s online platform. Formally launched on May 27, 2020, scholars (who are currently university students in SBFI’s partner universities) have been able to work towards a variety of goals; ranging from academics, exploring new interests, or even preparing for their dream careers!

Here are their goals and stories to inspire your own approach to online ed:

Julia Franchesca Borromeo (BS Management, Ateneo de Manila University)

Goal #1: Deepen academic knowledge

Many initially considered online ed as an opportunity for working students to learn at their own pace. The SBFI scholars have shown that online ed platforms can be useful in supplementing your existing academic knowledge.

Ivie Luizsa Joyca Azor, a student taking up BS Business Administration in UP Diliman,  pursued a course called ‘Microeconomics: The Power of Markets.’ She shared that she learned about topics such as “scarcity of resources, why we need economics, supply and demand curves” – while developing an interest in government interference.

She says, “I commend this platform because, based on the course I chose, it felt like I am in a class. I watched videos, readings, and quizzes to assess my knowledge.” The mix of lectures, readings, and assessments simulate the academic experience from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, Julia Franchesca Borromeo, a scholar taking up BS Management in  Ateneo de Manila University, said that she “was really amazed with the overall platform design because the site was easy to navigate and look for online courses that I wanted to try”.

She emphasized the importance of choosing a course provider to help you narrow down the search! This eventually helped her work towards her goal of learning about financial markets.

Jhaera Mae Tordecilla (BS Accountancy, UP Diliman)

Goal #2: Discover interests beyond academics

While academics will always be a priority in a student’s education, it can be hard to miss out on the BS Org life. Extracurriculars serve as an exciting avenue for us to learn outside the classroom. For this reason, a good number of scholars have utilized the online ed platform to learn more about other topics of interest beyond their academic goals!

Jhaera Mae Tordecilla (BS Accountancy, UP Diliman) shared that this enabled her to continue developing her personal interests in fine arts in the recent months. “I like the courses set up in Edukasyon.ph because I think it suits students like me. I was most interested in the Fine Arts courses, especially graphics design and fashion. I think the courses were exciting and very useful,” she added.

Apart from this, Marie Eunice Dacumos (BS Accountancy, PUP) said that “It was easy to access classes and lessons with free offers which is a good feature of the site. I am currently enrolled on financing, psychology and language courses and it is beneficial for me, plus I get to choose my schedule in taking the course so I find it really comfortable. This allows students to explore, and even discover new passions.

Jessa Mae Vidanes (BS Accountancy, PUP)

Goal #3: Dream!

Get ready for your future career. And of course, as students, the thought of post-grad life may constantly loom in the back of your mind. The job search can be a little bit scarier now, but online resources definitely go a long way in terms of helping you prepare for your #careergoals.

SBFI scholars received relevant career preparedness tips through Edukasyon.ph’s platform – with courses on acing interviews, writing emails, and exploring one’s possible career options.

Karylle Bagui (BSBA Financial Management, PUP) joined the ‘Business English Skills: How to Write Effective Openings and Closings to Emails’ course. She said “It has been a great experience for me. I enjoyed and acquired new information in a short amount of time.

The speaker also gave a few suggestions on how to write emails with different purposes. This online education platform is such an amazing tool for students to enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge. Not only that, it offers students a variety of courses which can help them prepare for their career and also pursue something during this quarantine.”

Additionally, Jessa Mae Vidanes (BS Accountancy, PUP) shared similar insights after joining the ‘Get Ready for the Interview’ module.

According to Jessa, “I learned about proper body language and how it reflects what we think and what we feel. It advised me to always speak positive and to mirror the people around me. I find the platform very useful especially to us students to learn new skills that aren’t focused in school and the skills we want to really improve on.”

Their experiences show that online ed enables you to sharpen both knowledge and practical skills that can be useful after graduation. Your dream career is always within reach!

These stories show how online education can guide you through every step of your learning journey.

With so many possible learning opportunities to acquire new skills, knowing your goal (aka what you want to learn) is always a good place to start. It is a great way to stay engaged, learn new things, and connect with others over quarantine. The best part is anyone can take part in this! Check out Edukasyon.ph’s online platform and use your Security Bank Mastercard debit and credit card to enroll now.