SK and Barangay Elections Na!

SK and Barangay Elections Na!


COMELEC (Commission on Elections) opened registration for Barangay and SK Elections from July 15-30.

To register, remember the following:

1. Registration is open to voters 15 years old but not more than 30 years old. #Youth

2. Must be residing in the barangay for at least six months on the Election day which is on October 31, 2016. Dapat April 30, 2016 pa lang, dun ka na nakatira.

3. Voters for the barangay election must be 18 years old on or before October 2016. Must have resided in the country for a one year and residing in the barangay for at least six months on the day of the election. So, dapat October 2015 pa lang, nasa Pinas ka na at April 30, 2016 pa lang ay taga (insert name of barangay here) ka na.

4. To make the registration process easier, download Comelec forms here. Mag-fill up na bago pumunta sa COMELEC Office para mas mapadali ang pag-register.

5. COMELEC Office is open from 8am – 5pm. O ha, kung studyante ka, after school direcho na sa COMELEC Office.

YAY! Congratulations on taking part in nation-building!

#ParaSaBayan #SKEleksyon2016 #BarangayEleksyon2016

Remember! Sabi Pareng George Nathan, bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.

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