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4 Reasons E-Books Are Good for Your Child

Today, millennials are reported to check their smartphones at least 43 times a day, with an average of 18 hours spent on consuming media. Their gadgets are practically glued to their fingers as they constantly browse, post and talk with friends online.

As a parent, this may have been a cause of frustration or worry. Technology, it seems, only serves as a hindrance to your child’s studies. But there is actually a way for your child to channel their constant use of technology into enriching their education.

The rise of e-books—electronic versions of printed books—in schools allows senior high school (SHS) students of the K-12 program to use their familiarity with technology as a learning platform.

E-books don’t have to be a distraction to students especially if they are used wisely; In fact, they suit different learning styles!

1. Compatibility with modern learning styles

The hype of Youtube vlogs and Instagram photography could be one of the reasons why today’s generation of students prefer learning materials that satisfy their visual, auditory, and aesthetic needs.

Printed Philippine edition books usually contain black and white graphics. On the other hand,  e-books retain the original color of the texts and illustrations, such as complex graphs.

There are also audio files included in some e-books that will help auditory learners—those who learn best through listening—in understanding their lessons. For such learners, hearing the contents of the book would help them more easily retain information.

2. Accessibility

Students can use iPads, tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones to purchase and download e-books. In the case of free versions, users can even pass files around through Bluetooth or Airdrop. Sending copies through e-mail, Google drive and Facebook Messenger works as well.

3. Organization

No need to worry about crumpled book pages! One of the perks of using e-books is that they are not prone to physical wear and tear. Since they are in digital format, it is also unlikely for students to lose them. Just remind your child to be careful in downloading files from a suspicious e-book site to avoid corrupted files!

4. Convenience

Lastly, students no longer need to carry protruding backpacks. They won’t have to worry about back pain and other potential health risks caused by carrying heavy books anymore.

With e-books at hand, students can engage more in reading books and studying their lessons. Instead of telling your child to stop using technology altogether to focus on their studies, you may now want to simply nudge them towards the right direction in using it for the benefit of their education.  

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