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5 Ways to Shape Your Child as a Leader

As parents, you want your child to grow up as a leader—taking on big responsibilities, leading a team to success, and, perhaps, even making a change for the betterment of the nation.

The great thing about molding kids into leaders is that they are like a sponge, show them how it’s done, and they’ll absorb and model their words and actions from you. This is why parenting is a big responsibility. One wrong move can spell the difference. But do the right things and you will be able to transform your child into a responsible leader. So, how do you shape your child as a leader? Here are 5 ways to do so.

1. Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps one of the most important trait of becoming a leader is having the emotional intelligence to face different kinds of situations with various types of people. Being a good leader entails knowing how and what your team feels and how to respond to their feelings in any given situation. It might sound corny at first, but learning how to respect and respond to the feelings of others is a trait that a leader must have.

Remember to listen to your child so that they will learn how to listen to others. Remind them that not everyone reacts to a situation the same way. Teach them to respect and understand the feelings of others. This will help them connect with other people and thus, help them become an effective leader.

2. Don’t Criticize Too Much or Patronize

Leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and their successes and failures. Remember to acknowledge your child’s success and failures, but never exaggerate. Be honest when giving feedback, especially when giving negative ones. Teach them how to receive praise and accept criticisms. This will help them learn from their mistakes, improve what they’re already good at, and avoid false confidence or low self-esteem.

3. Let Them Solve Their Own Problems

A leader must be self-sufficient. This is why your child needs to develop the ability to solve their own problems. If you’re always cleaning up your child’s mess, you leave no room for them to grow as leaders. Remember, leaders are action-oriented. They are responsible, and they take charge.

4. Allow Them To Experience Failure

Failure is a part of life—especially of a leader’s life. Let your child experience failure and do not succumb to their need for instant gratification. Allowing them to experience failure will let them learn perseverance and patience—qualities that are needed to become a successful leader. Be there when your child experiences failure because this will let them know that failure is just a step towards success and you are very much a part of their team.

5. Be A Role Model

It is important that you lead by example. How else will you teach leadership if you don’t know how to lead? Remember to practice what you preach. Be dignified in failure and humble in success. Listen to your child and remember to empathize.

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