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Millennial Words Parents Should Know

There are so many things that millennials do today that are very different from what you did at their age. Because of today’s free social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), sharing ideas and updates on one’s daily life is just a click away; People can now simply upload pictures or tap words on their keyboards and *post* it.

The fast-paced nature of these applications prompts users to omit letters and words in their messages. Likewise, users feel the need to keep their posts catchy and simple in a virtual space that has become crowded due to the wide range of connectivity.

This is why young people tend to intentionally or unintentionally shorten some words and create a language of their own.

And for a parent like you who was born before the Google era, it is quite hard to understand them, especially if you do not surf the internet that often. In fact, “OMG” is probably the only word in your repertoire of millennial slang. Agree?

These modern language barriers, though challenging at times, is an opportunity for you to build a special relationship with your kidone wherein they could feel comfortable to share with you their struggles, secrets, or even funny stories when they get home.


  • G

What it means:

(affirmative response) Another way of saying, “Game!”

How to use it:

“Ma, punta po tayong mall mamaya?”

“Yes. G lang”


  • Shookt

Yes, with a T.

What it means:

(adjective) Caught by surprise or shock

How to use it:

(When you see your child washing the dishes or coming home early) Wow anak. I’m shookt!


  • Lodi, Petmalu, etc.

What it means:

(noun/adjective) An expression of admiration; Used to praise a person or his/her accomplishments. These are basically the reverse of words “idol” and “malupet.”

How to use it:

“Ni-like ko picture mo sa FB. Petmalu!”


  • Yaaas


What it means:

(affirmative response) An exaggerated and cooler way to say “yes”

How to use it:

“Pa, first honor po ako!”

“Yaaas! Mana ka talaga sa ‘kin.”

  • Fam

What it means:

(noun) Short for family

How to use it:

Congrats to our daughter for graduating with honors! The fam is so proud of you!

  • SMH

What it means:

(acronym) “Shaking my head” or “so much hate”

How to use it:

“Ma, pwede po makahingi ng extra baon?”

“Anak, kabibigay ko lang sa ‘yo kahapon ‘di ba? Smh”


  • SML

What it means:

(acronym) So much love

How to use it:

Anak nalimutan mo baon mo.”

“Hi ma! May ipon pa po ako ma. Save n’yo na lang po ‘yan”

“Naks naman. Natututo ka na! Sml”


  • Woke

What it means:

(adjective) Although an incorrect tense of “awake,” this refers to being aware of current affairs

How to use it:

“Reading the news will help you stay woke. Do not just rely on what you see in social media.”


  • #Blessed (hashtag blessed)

What it means:

(noun) Commonly used by netizens when posting on social media to express their gratitude for life, be it good grades or quality time with family

How to use it:

“Beating the summer heat at the beach with the fam #blessed”

Why not start using these words in a text message and eventually IRL (in real life!). Chances are, your kids will be shookt! But what really counts is your effort in reaching out to them and understanding them the best way you can.