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Parents, this is why you should encourage your kids to play team sports

One of the most rewarding feelings in the world as a parent is seeing your children grow well and push to be their best.

Aside from academics, one way to support your kids in fulfilling their potential is to guide them in physical activities. Sports, in particular, provides a number of benefits not just for their health but also for their holistic personal development. Here are 5 reasons you should encourage your kids to try team sports:

It keeps your child healthy and active

Is your child always sitting on the couch with their computer and gadgets? Are they glued to their smartphones? This can be bad for their health! Young as they are, it is important to engage your child in various activities that will keep them fit and healthy. Children who take part in sports tend to be more aware of the importance of healthy food choices in achieving their goals, and they’re more likely to carry this habit when they grow up. Less active kids, on the contrary, have higher chances of obesity and suffer other ailments. Team sports are also known as an effective stress and anxiety reliever. Time to invite your child to play outdoors!

It can boost your child’s confidence

Is your child a bit timid and shy? Do they find a hard time making friends or connecting to people? Joining group activities like team sports can help them boost their confidence. When your child joins a team, they get to meet and interact with a lot of people. These activities allow them to be themselves, which can be a great opportunity to expand their circle. They may find teammates who share the same interest whether it’s about a subject, hobby, or even a favorite movie! They can also learn from other people who have different views.

It can enhance their self-esteem

Confidence refers to how much your child believes in their skills or abilities while self-esteem is about how they view themselves as a person. Through team sports, they learn how to set small goals for themselves. They may need, for example, to aim higher than their previous score, maintain their good performance, or improve their game endurance. As your child celebrates his or her milestones, they will realize that nothing is impossible as long as they put your mind to it. This will, in turn, help improve their self-esteem.

It develops good values

As its name suggests, being a member of team sports teaches your child how to reach out and work with others towards achieving a common goal; thus, developing camaraderie. Moving towards self-improvement, your child will also experience setbacks and failures like losing a game or not meeting their target scores. Despite all of these, your child will be in an environment that puts a premium on discipline, determination, and perseverance, especially after experiencing failure.

It can increase your child’s school performance

A healthy body also links to a healthy mind. Studies have shown that exercise has a direct impact on brain cognition. Through the training that your child receives from playing sports, they can have better attention and comprehension during lessons. Team sports also helps keep your child from participating in harmful activities like smoking, drugs, violence, or unhealthy eating habits.

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