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4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Ace The DOST Scholarship Exam

The DOST scholarship exam is your key to earning the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) Merit Scholarship. The grant is awarded to students who are pursuing careers in the fields of science and technology. Applicants can submit their requirements through mail or online.

The program is one of the most sought-after scholarships in the country because of its many perksincluding tuition and other school fees, book allowance, health insurance, transportation monthly living allowance, graduation clothing allowance and more!

The scholarship exam covers Logical Reasoning, English, Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Technical and Self-Inventory topics.

You can probably tell how rigorous the screening process is, but no worries! Here are effective and scientifically proven ways to ace the DOST scholarship exam:

1. Work on your weaknesses

Take a cue from this brilliant tip from a Harvard student: If you don’t understand a  topic, it will definitely be in the exam. So be prepared and stop wishing the coverage of the exam will not include your least favorite topic.

The scholarship exam is not about chances. There is no room for eenie meenie miney mo! So recall your previous tests. Ask your friends and teachers. What are the topics you’re not good at? Their feedback will help you determine your strength and weaknesses.

This way, you’ll know where to direct your focus more. Physics? Abstract reasoning? How about factoring polynomials? Balancing chemical equations? It’s important that you get a hang of these basic concepts first before you deal with comprehensive questions.

2. Practice the active recall  method

Now that you’ve acquired the right  knowledge, it’s time to build a strong foundation. Instead of simply reading notes and reviewers, try to practice the  active recall method. It is an efficient way of learning where you interactively engage with the information you’re absorbing.

You can create  mnemonics (really helps if you don’t want to memorize!), comic strip, or anecdotes to help you remember your lessons for the longest time. You can also quiz yourself while taking a bath!

3. Study in increments

Have you heard of spaced practice? This method is derived from the spacing effect in Psychology where  learning becomes more effective when your study time is spread out over time. Your brain isn’t just a storage box! It is the powerhouse organ of our bodies. So make sure you give it special treatment.

It’s okay to allot thirty minutes or one hour to your practice everyday (especially since you’ve got homework, too). It’s all about consistency and the quality of  time. Move on from your old study habit of learning everything in one sitting.  

4. Snack on brain food

Eating healthy food like avocado, nuts, and eggs helps stimulate your brain.

This is a common tip that is hard to follow because you’re always craving for a bag of crispy potato chips (who doesn’t anyway?). Fight the temptation! A smart mind is backed up by a healthy lifestyle. Brain food spreads happy hormones in your body, too! This will not only save you from the scholarship exam but keep your body in tip-top shape.

Put work into preparing for the exam and keep your mind  focused on your goals.

Remember that being a DOST scholar is a privilege and responsibility. Once you graduate, you’ll be rendering service for the country for the same number of years you enjoyed the scholarship. It’s a challenging call but it is worth itespecially if you’re doing it for your country!

For more information on the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program, visit www.sei.dost.gov.ph.

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