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5Ps To Remember When Applying For Scholarships

There are scholarships waiting for deserving and qualified students who want good education, despite their financial ability.

If you’re one of those students and have no idea where to begin, then good news! Just by being well-informed, you’re already on your way to getting that dream scholarship. #yassss

While there are a lot of things to know and consider when it comes to scholarships, remembering these 5Ps hopefully gives you an overview to get started:



There are at least a dozen of scholarship types you can choose from, plus a whole list of institutions offering it. Talk about options! So might as well narrow them down, and define your need. Are you aiming for a prestigious scholarship? A company-sponsored scholarship? A merits-based scholarship? These are just some questions you can answer that can help match you with the best opportunity.


Apply often! While it’s important to choose the right ones for you, don’t close doors for other scholarships just because you feel less confident about it. Remember, you only lose opportunities you did not take.

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Like any other application process, finding scholarships (and the right one for you!!) takes time. Since details vary depending on the scholarship you’re looking for, it’s highly important to get your game face on and put those ~stalking~ skills a.k.a. intensive research skills into good use ASAP.

Application dates, requirements, and scholarship coverage are just some of the major points you should be jotting down in your notes real quick.


Be an early bird! You’d want to have enough time to double-check everything should there be a need to proofread or make changes. Better early than late!

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Submitting requirements is one of the most critical parts of scholarship applications. Simply put, this can either make or break your chances since it’s when the items in the checklist are ticked off to see who’s a cut above the rest.

Naturally, scholarships are highly competitive so make sure your requirements are complete, accurate, and well-prepared. Here are some common requirements that you can already start preparing:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate (identification documents)
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Diploma/ Transcript of Records
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Other documents (e.g. essay, portfolio, medical report)


Give it your best shot! Some scholarships base solely on requirements submitted by applicants. If there’s an essay, write like a pro. If you’re asked to submit a portfolio, include your best ones. The goal is to impress them even before you meet them.

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No matter how introverted you think you are, there will come a time that you have to branch out a bit and maximize your network. After all, your application isn’t just between you and the evaluator. It involves a bunch of people who can attest to your wits and potential. Here are some key people you can tap for your scholarship process:

  • Academic adviser
  • Guidance counselor
  • Internship supervisor
  • Organization adviser
  • Principal/ Dean
  • Trusted professors


When choosing someone to write your recommendation letter, make sure that person knows you personally or is really familiar with your performance and work ethic. This strengthens your case and builds credibility.

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Now, onto the most exciting part! What’s in it for you?

While the common answer would almost always point to free education, there’s more to scholarships than waived tuition fee. That’s why, it’s important to weigh the benefits of scholarship opportunities you’re applying for. Here are some common benefits you can look for in your scholarship hunt:

  • Full/partial tuition fee discount
  • Living allowance
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Travel opportunities
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Employment opportunities (e.g. internship, sure job)


While large award amounts are #goals, those aren’t everything. Consider lower scholarship grants, too. Others compensate scholars through added in-kind benefits anyway like health care and stipend. Tbh, that ain’t bad at all.

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Remembering these 5Ps is great, but applying them is the real deal!

Know your scholarship providers. Familiarize yourself with the application process. Prepare your papers. Connect with people. Weigh the perks. After all, your dream scholarship is just there for the taking. Seize it!

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