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7 Important Things About Scholarships That You Should Know

Tbh, anyone can be a scholar – with a spark of courage and determination.


In applying for scholarship, you should consider these seven things so that you can determine what kind of scholarship you are really looking for and what you really need.



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  • Grade: To qualify for a full or partial academic scholarship, you should belong to the upper 10% of the graduating class or scored very high in the entrance exam of the school. Scholarships typically support students who have a certain grade point average, and it is usually 85% or above. Your grades are an indicator of your academic ability. Scholarship providers want to be sure that they are supporting a scholar who will be successful through their education.



  • Level of education: Know if you are applying for senior high or for college. Determining this will help you narrow scholarships that cover this area of study. You can also check if there are organizations that can offer both so you can get supported in your higher education journey.



  • Course: Many scholarships only cover certain courses. Knowing which course you want to take up will help you narrow the scholarships that cover that. There are also scholarships offered for a specific career track.


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  • Financial Need: Many scholarships require proof that your family income is below a certain amount. They want to make sure that they support students who demonstrate the need for economic support. Students belonging to families with below PHP 100,000 annual income are usually considered for full scholarships, on top of other eligibilities and based on the type of grant being given.

  • Type of scholarship: Look what type of scholarship fits you. Some organizations offer scholarships for various merits. It can be academic, merit, athletic, talent or skills, technical-vocational-livelihood, corporate among others. Knowing the your skills and what you can offer can determine the type of scholarship you can apply to. Athletic and Special Talent scholarships usually require the applicant to take a performance test.


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  • School acceptance: Many scholarships are allocated for students in specific programs and schools. You will have to prove that you were accepted into a school and have passed that their entrance exam in order to gain certain scholarships. Meanwhile, there are also schools that offer scholarships to their future potential students. Getting into these schools is the first step when you apply for their scholarship.



  • Coverage: Coverage depends on the scholarship. There are full scholarships which cover the full tuition. Although they are full, some will only cover tuition, while others will cover tuition and provide extra money for school supplies and transport. There are also partial scholarships, these will cover a part of your tuition costs.

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