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College Scholarships for Artists in the Philippines

Not all college scholarships in the Philippines are exclusively available to athletes and academic buffs – even artists have the privilege of earning scholarships too!

Even aspiring artists have the option to hone their art skills in any school that offers the courses they want, and each of these schools have corresponding undergraduate scholarships for you to choose from.

These scholarship opportunities are either endorsed by various art departments of certain schools upon enrollment or are automatically given to students who join arts-related organizations – an extra incentive for talented artists.

Arts Scholarship – Bicol University

Members of any recognized arts group in Bicol University who win national or regional competitions are immediately entitled to free tuition fees in the semester after they’ve been recognized for their win, provided that they’ve been endorsed by their respective advisers. Regional winning arts groups are also entitled to a 50% tuition discount while national winners are automatically awarded a 100% free tuition discount.

Athletic and Performing Arts Scholar – System Plus Computer College

Aside from athletes, incoming freshmen who also become members of the institution’s Performing Arts Troupe can also avail of a 60% discount on their tuition fees. Freshmen from any of the school’s courses can apply, regardless of gender and nationality.

Cultural and Performing Arts Scholarship – Trinity University of Asia

Trinity University of Asia has a lot of scholarship aids for students, and promising students with talent in the arts are no exception! Students who belong to the university’s Chorale Band, Dance Troupe and Symphonic Band are entitled to a partial tuition discount from the school.

Cultural Arts Tuition Discount – De La Salle University

De La Salle University offers either full or partial tuition fee discounts to members of the university’s arts-related organizations such as the De La Salle Inner Soul, DLSU Chorale, Green Media Group, Harlequin Theater Guild, and the Lasallian Youth Orchestra. Cultural Arts offers these scholarships to students from any course and any nationality, as long as they have been endorsed by the university’s Cultural Arts Office.

Creative Arts Group – Manila Central University

Any college student who is a regular member of any Creative Arts Group in the university is entitled to a P3,000 tuition fee discount. These organizations include Dulaang Centralino, MCU Band, MCU Chorale, MCU Dance Troupe, and MCU Visual Arts Guild.

Office of Culture and Arts (COA) Scholarship – De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

If you’re an incoming college freshman, DLS-CSB’s OCA offers scholarships to student-artists who pass their auditions and training, on top of CSB’s entrance exam. This scholarship is also available to all students regardless of course and nationalities.

Performing Arts and Athletics Scholarship – Central Luzon College of Science and Technology – Pampanga Campus

Students who are recognized for their outstanding performance in sports and the performing arts are entitled to a full scholarship by the school. They can get this scholarship upon recommendation from their respective directors, along with approval from the institution’s Board of Trustees.

Performing Arts Scholarship Program – Central Luzon College of Technology – Olongapo

This scholarship is not only given to students who excel in sports competitions, but also to students who display exemplary skill in the performing arts. Students from any course are allowed to avail of this scholarship, as long as they have been properly endorsed their respective deans and have been approved by the college’s Board of Trustees.

Performing Arts Scholarship Program – Metropolitan Medical Center College of Arts Science and Technology

Regular students who belong to any recognized performing arts group in the school are eligible for a 100% tuition discount, as long as they have been active members of their group for at least a year. Aside from a minimum GWA of 2.00, students are also required to have certifications from competitions in the local, national or international sectors, on top of a recommendation letter from the student’s performing arts group director, and a medical clearance from the school physician.

School of Design and Arts (SDA) Scholarship – De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

DLS-CSB also offers scholarships to incoming freshmen who have enrolled in courses from the School of Design and Arts (SDA). This scholarship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from the university, provided that they’ve been enrolled without any unsettled balances.

Interested students must submit a 750-word essay expressing their interest to join the scholarship program, and must also have proven skills in the arts, multimedia, music, or design.

TSU Performing Arts – Tarlac State University

Tarlac State University students who are part of the performing arts group are entitled to a scholarship grant, which covers 100% of a student’s tuition fee, including miscellaneous fees.

USC Performing Arts Group – University of San Carlos

Incoming freshmen students who are gifted in any facet of the arts are entitled to tuition privileges, provided that they qualify for performing arts groups such as the university’s band, Choristers, Dance Troupe, and Theater Guild. This scholarship is also open to students of any gender from any course.

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